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what if your practice of urine therapy is used against you in a child custody case?

August 10, 2012 in Articles

dear UT family,

what if your practice of urine therapy is used
against you in a child custody case?

what would you do?

do we have people on this list (medical doctors,
therapists, people who have had success stories),
who would be willing to write a statement that
relates to a parent’s practice of urine therapy
and how that relates to their ability to be a

as absurd as it sounds, because those who practice
understand its efficacy — those who do not –
view urine therapy as extreme.

please consider my question urgent.

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Here’s How You Can Join Us

October 14, 2011 in Articles

Because of the almost unbelievable amount of spam this site has been subjected to, you can now join us with a monthly donation amount of your choice starting at $1 per month.



Select Monthly Donation Amount


Select Yearly Donation Amount

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Start Contributing To The urine-therapy.org Website Today!

October 16, 2013 in Articles


As all of you know, the reason urine-therapy.org asks for a financial donation (however small), in order to participate in our community, is to filter out hatred. The people who have access to our activity stream (LOL) have selected a donation amount, and the result has been a very positive. The community is not highly trafficked, but it is wholesome, friendly, and positive, which is wonderful!

I’d like to present the option of offering a “donation activity,” as a way to maintain a balanced and reciprocal relationship with urine-therapy.org.

So, you can now contribute articles, videos, etc., to our online community as a Site Contributor, and your donation thereby becomes optional.

If you contribute at least one article per month, then you are welcome to come on board as a Site Contributor.

Our membership procedures are designed to keep our experience at urine-therapy.org positive, private, and properly archived. Wonderful discussions are happening at Facebook, where privacy, reliability, and future availability are valid concerns.

If you’d like to be a Site Contributor, just get in touch in the form titled “Leave a reply” below and send us a short description of yourself and the kinds of articles/videos you publish about urine therapy.

Blessings and best wishes :-)

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I like what I see going on at FaceBook re Urine Therapy…but…

October 16, 2013 in Articles

Our membership procedures are designed to keep our experience at urine-therapy.org positive, private, and properly archived.

I like what I see going on at FaceBook, for example, but, if your account gets blocked or deleted — all of that information — all of that sharing — just disappears. I watched it happen as I blocked some angry people from one of my FaceBook pages, and I did not expect their previous comments to vanish, but they did.

Your content on FaceBook, as far as I understand it, is owned by FaceBook. However, if I publish on urine-therapy.org and talk about it on Facebook, then Facebook does not “own” my content. Owning also means: can be deleted at any time.

I just don’t think it is a good idea to have so much knowledge-gathering, sharing, growing, and learning, threatened with potential “immediate deletion.”

So, that’s why we have the urine-therapy.org website.

What do you think?

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SmithsonianMag: From Gunpowder to Teeth Whitener: The Science Behind Historic Uses of Urine

August 21, 2013 in Urine Therapy News

Read more: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.co...-of-urine/

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Hi everyone, I was on this radio program yesterday

August 16, 2013 in Urine Therapy News


Thank you for your support on FaceBook, it is not easy being “laughed at” or considered weird or nutty.

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Site Suggestions And Tasks

August 8, 2013 in Articles

  1. Install new video player plugin
  2. Enable video downloads
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Jonathan’s Journey…

July 5, 2013 in Articles, Urine Therapy

Jonathan will be posting his experiences below. His story, as well as reading and making comments, are currently available to logged in members only.

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public profiles (real name with picture) are available to guest members and contributing authors

February 24, 2013 in Articles

donations have been a very successful experiment at keeping our community loving, wholesome, caring, kind, and reciprocally positive for members.

currently, public profiles (real name with picture) are available to guest members and authors who commit to contribute energetically to our community.

when asking, remember to answer.

share, post, and comment in the spirit of synergy.

to keep our community strong and to engage in a real conversation about UT and business, money and strength, intellectual property ownership and the ability to disseminate the information, etc., the minimum recommended donation is still $1/month (USD), which is less than 3 Euro cents per day.

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1 Guy 1 Cup OF PISS

February 4, 2013 in video

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Public Urine Fasting Experiment — Anyone Know How It Turned Out?

February 2, 2013 in Articles, video

how did this experiment go?

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Howard Stern Mocks Urine Therapy

February 2, 2013 in video

how would you respond?

Q: Howard, are you familiar with the scientific method?
Q: What is the first step (in general) of the scientific method?
Q: Are you prepared to give me a list of the medications you take to see if there is urine or synthetic urine in them?
Q: Have you been to the dentist lately?
Q: Ever had your teeth whitened or have you used any teeth whitening products?
Q: Have you ever purchased a skin cream?
Q: Why is it OK to tie up pregnant animals and harvest their urine and make a medication out of it, but gross to use your own urine?
Q: Milk comes out of cows, is it a “waste” product?
Q: Just because something comes out of the body — why does that prove to you that it is waste? Semen comes out of the body, does it not? Is semen waste?
Q: Why do you pretend to know the purpose of urine with the justification of it coming out of the body proving to you that it is a waste product?
Q: Why is human urine a waste product but animal urine something to be gathered so that we can make medications and creams out of it?
Q: If animal urine and fecal matter were “waste,” wouldn’t natural habitats have turned into toxic wastelands long ago?
Q: Why don’t we need to clean forest floors of animal excrement to prevent the forests from being destroyed?
Q: Why don’t we need to filter the ocean of animal excretions?
Q: Why is animal urine so much better than human urine?
Q: Why is it OK to slather chemically preserved animal urine extract all over your skin to heal your rashes and give you soft skin, but it is somehow not OK to use your own to get a better effect?
Q: Why were fertility medications made out of collected port-a-potty human urine until they could synthesize a similar compound?
Q: If the first step of the scientific method is to observe, and you have no direct experience with urine therapy, why do you mock it?
Q: Do you know the difference between an assumption and a fact?
Q: Why do you interrupt your guest “Seth” so often that he hardly gets to speak?
Q: Why do you project into Seth’s persona, and then mock your fabricated projection instead of letting him speak for himself?
Q: Do you know the difference between a projection and an observation?
Q: How cowardly is it to mock something one doesn’t understand and has no experience with?
Q: How beneficial would urine therapy have to be for someone to endure the kind of public mockery you put your guest through? So for example, if you were mocked that severely for, i don’t know, exercising daily — and you felt the health benefits — or for not smoking — or for smoking something — whatever — how beneficial would it need to be for a person to continue doing it?
Q: Most of the people who practice urine therapy keep it secret and tell no one so that they are not mocked. Do you really think anyone who practices urine therapy in the western world receives any kind of social benefit?
Q: Have you heard of the term cognitive dissonance?
Q: Do you assume that the world is flat and laugh at anyone who says that the earth is round?
Q: Do you assume that the earth is the center of the universe and that the sun revolves around the earth — and viciously mock anyone who presents facts that contradict your assumptions?
Q: What are the ingredients of urine?
Q: What portion of your argument that urine therapy is ineffective is based on common knowledge?
Q: Is any portion of your argument that urine therapy is ineffective based on fact?
Q: What facts make you believe that people who practice urine therapy are crazy? Can you list them right now?
Q: So you don’t know the ingredients of urine, you rely on common knowledge like the earth is flat and urine is bad for you to provide justification for mocking your guests, you don’t understand or apply the scientific method to come to your conclusions, and your opinion isn’t worth examining for validity exactly why?


for a few moments i titled this post “Howard Coward Stern Mocks Urine Therapy,” maybe that would rile him up — being called a coward. i took it out of the title of the post for now…

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6th Urine Therapy World Congress (Moved To San Diego California)

January 20, 2013 in Articles

Original Post Published: September 27th, 2010 As “6th Urine Therapy World Congress in Australia.”
Revised Post Published: January 20th, 2013 As “6th Urine Therapy World Congress (Moved To San Diego California)”

Thanks Steve for your work, travels, and dedication…and maybe we can stream the conference online…

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GotProductions Channel With Information on Urine Therapy

January 8, 2013 in video

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Andrew Norton Webber Talks About Water Distillers, Water, Light, Life

January 8, 2013 in video

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urine therapy can help in many ways, it is up to you to discover how

August 18, 2012 in Articles

a form has been submitted on Aug 18, 2012, at 10:06 AM, via: http://www.urine-therapy.org/c...ontact-us

Dear Sir, I am (name edited out) from (location). My brother (name edited out) is suffering from PAD (Peripheral artery disease) My brother is having diabetes (at present in control). He is diagnosed with blockages in right leg near thigh. About 1.5 years back he was operated at (Hospital Name) Hospital. But again blockage has developed about 3 weeks back. Is it curable by urine therapy? If so, kindly explain about the process. regards, (Name edited out)

urine-therapy response:

we are a member support community, not a diagnostic or therapeutic community. you can join for a small donation amount starting at $1 per month (which is there to keep out spam and not people).

you are urged to read, experiment and in particular have the patient do his/her own research and take 100% responsibility for their own health.

urine therapy can help in many ways, it is up to you to discover how.


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critique of urine-therapy.org

July 30, 2012 in critique

sometimes people get in touch with me and they are very angry. one option is to just ignore them. another option is to give their anger a voice and let it go. the last thing i want to do is suppress information — even if it is critical or angry — still the member community is wholesome, honest, and kind.

within the member community, standards of loving, nurturing communication are upheld.

with this post, i am creating a place for negative and angry feedback — so that people interested can participate in such discourse.

On 07/20/2012 02:06 PM, Urine Therapy Community wrote:
hi urine therapy community

hi, i was really disappointed in the whole urine
therapy community for something that turns out to
have been a mistake — my mistake — sorry!



Read the rest of this entry →

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Sylvia Chandler – Chelation Therapy & Urine Therapy – TruthJuice Bristol

July 17, 2012 in video

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Andrew Norton Webber With Lisa Harrison

May 25, 2012 in video

Andrew has important information to share regarding Read the rest of this entry →

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[Archived] New Member Registration Closed For Now [NOTE: Member Registration is Now Open]

September 29, 2011 in Articles

Due to the frequency of “spam user” registrations at urine-therapy.org, automatic new registration here is no longer possible.

The video below shows the kinds of activities these users perpetrate.


They are semi-automated “bot users” who create posts about watches, girls, medications, etc.

Please use the “Contact Us” page if you want to get in touch, and let’s come together and figure out a solution.


AdminNote: Registration is open via a small donation amount — this keeps spammers out and the community is wholesome and positive!

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Interesting Video That Relates To Urine Therapy

July 4, 2011 in Articles, urine therapy alternative health

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Comedy: Mr Albie “Urine Therapy” Albiesode 9

April 26, 2011 in comedy

well, i generally advocate starting with your own urine and wow, the production is funny and pretty gross actually. thanks for getting your point across in a poignant and funny way. great production too… :-)

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How We Talk With Others About UT

December 8, 2010 in Articles, Urine Therapy

How do you talk with others about UT?

For me, people tend to gravitate towards me and tell me their medical stuff…but actually, they tell me more about their kids than they do about themselves. I say things like “oh yeah, I used to have allergies…” and “yeah, i used to be super pale and not do well in the sun at all…”

If they just drop it, so do I. If they say “well, how did you do that?” I tell them, “you might think it’s odd, even though it’s actually really common, if you really want to know what I do for my health, I will tell you, would you like to know?”

Something along those lines. I don’t tell them unless it comes up, and if it comes up, I make sure that they are interested in having me tell them, so in other words, I kind of position things so that they ask.

Maybe I should shorten it, if they ask, even without the hedging of “you might think it’s odd,” I could just say “I practice urine therapy.”

In an interview that I haven’t posted yet I said “do you think that without significant, noticeable benefits, I would continue to do something as seemingly crazy as practicing urine therapy? with all the comments i likely get from friends family and acquaintances?” the answer to that is “no”

Coen Van der Kroon seems to have a very jovial resonance about the whole thing…sometimes i do that…but often i just feel sad. i feel sad for the people who are sick and suffering without UT. And I feel sorry for our society that currently does not seem to be taking a scientific or pragmatic approach to healing.

So everyone, how are you handling talking with others about UT?

I mean, it’s usually within weeks or days that you get the “wow, you look better…what are you doing?” question.

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Informal Interview with Steven Williams

October 4, 2010 in Urine Therapy News

In a wonderful happenstance of circumstance, Steve and I were able to video phone via Skype and I recorded it for urine-therapy.org guests and members.

Make sure to register and log in to watch the video…
Read the rest of this entry →

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Call to Participate on Film from GotProductions

September 27, 2010 in Articles

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Very Bold Urine Therapy Cancer Cure Claim Video

September 27, 2010 in Articles

the comments on this video are very interesting. steven comes out and makes a very bold claim…someone posts a “you’re a nut-case” type of comment, and steven writes back: “i’d love to interview you.”

very interesting

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Click on “Activity” … that’s where it’s all happenin’ …

September 18, 2010 in Articles

If you click on “Activity,” that’s where we’re hanging out…


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Hey, what should our site look like?

September 7, 2010 in Articles


I was going to create a header graphic to replace the blue background in the header above, and then I figured I could ask you all…maybe you have images you’d like to contribute or thoughts about what our header graphic should look like.

What do you think?



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Our history

August 28, 2010 in Articles

Aug 28 2010 changed from

urine-therapy.org history

urine-therapy.org history

this look over to a BuddyPress install.

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Check out our new community

August 25, 2010 in Articles

OK, I am removing the old community software and replacing it with this software. Once you login and post, you should show up in the directory. Previously, I wanted to make this community completely private. I may make a private area…however for now, I don’t know how to do it…and if we have problems with trolls, anger, and flame attacks, we’ll handle it then.

The signup page is here:



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Shivambu yoga and Nature-cure Hospital, Kolhapur, India

July 31, 2010 in Articles

Shivambu Yoga and Nature Cure Center is serving in the field of Natural Health Sciences since its inception in 1975. This first Auto Urine Therapy Indoor Hospital, in India was founded by Honorable Dr. Shashi Patil (President – Shivambu Health Research Institute (SHRI), a versatile personality with pursuit of uplifting the mankind by service and compassion.

At SHRI we are a team of dedicated physicians, faculty and students working together to fundamentally improve the health and wellbeing of human community through education, research and community health-care.

Location of Shivambu Health Research Institute (SHRI) in India

Location of Shivambu Health Research Institute (SHRI) in India

The ANANDKNJ at present is located at village Karanjphen 45 km away from Kolhapur city in a serene atmosphere with verdant greenery of surrounding area as fitting back drop to learn the method and techniques of art of healthy living.

ANANDKUNJ is a beautiful campus away from city pollution and stress. It is systematically designed campus to help people activate their inherent but dormant healing power. The place is enriched with pure water, fresh air, good sunshine, open sky and virgin earth, blessed with powers of mother NATURE.

CLICK to access more information at the Shivambu Health Research Institute (SHRI) Website.

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UT Connections June 19, 2010

June 19, 2010 in Articles, ut connections

*** Please disregard the signup procedure and videos…we have a new procedure in place ***

Hi ,

I just wanted to say that participation at urine-therapy.org has dropped since I released the donations-only private member community.

What I understand the dialogue to be that is at the core of our community is: how does money interact with health?

It does not make sense to ask for money for something that is a gift from the divine. But servers, time, hardware, upgrades, functionality, programming…all these things cost money.

So, how is a urine therapy hospital supposed to even work? Is is supposed to be a run-down facility with desperate patients and destitute doctors?

The same parallel discussion is: should an online urine therapy community be more of a “hole in the wall,” or maybe should it be “sponsored by a wealthy or giving soul?”

How does the universe work with these matters? I’m not presenting myself as someone with answers, however, I am very interested in your input.

To date, we’ve gathered around $6/month in donations. It might be $7/month, I’m not sure.

In order to offset personal costs, we need to get to $300/month. At that amount, I can run a real online community that has the functionality we can all use and enjoy.

However, I AM currently willing to sponsor our online community. Also, I am happy to invite you to join at no cost via this link:

—please join our complimentary newsletter to receive the join link—

The procedure for how to join is in the videos here:


The “private” community doesn’t really have anyone “in it” yet. And the whole idea of the community is for each of us to have totally private urine therapy blogs where we can post our questions and gain feedback from others who practice UT. It is a “virtual environment” for us to enhance our physical and spiritual lives with UT…and for us to learn from each other.

So, for subscribers on this mailing list, I invite you to follow the videos here:


and use this link

—please join our complimentary newsletter to receive the join link, the reasoning behind not publicizing this link is clear: keeping angry, abrasive, destructive individuals out of our safe environment—

to create your own blog within our private online UT community.

I also invite you to consider this the kind of project where you are “building together with a team.” Right now, the people who participate are basically coming to a “work site” and putting up walls, creating rooms, saying “hey we need more concrete,” and “let’s plant some trees over there…” that kind of thing…

So, again, you are invited to create your own blog completely without financial reimbursement, in exchange for your active and kind participation (and willingness to help others).

I’m making this newsletter edition available as a blog post for comment here:


…and I am very happy to receive your input…

Dainis W. Michel

PS: If you are receiving this newsletter later than june 2010, it’s because I automated the process described above, and you will be receiving our “back issue” newsletters until you “catch up.” That’s how the automatic system works, and it makes sense from a community standpoint for you to know where we’re coming from and how you can fit into our community. Again, if you don’t like how I’m doing things, please comment, and I do prefer comments that have potential solutions listed.

Joyful Summer Photo Credit:


…isn’t this a nice one…what a happy summer photo!

© Sergej Razvodovskij | Dreamstime.com

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Join The Private Online Web Community For Urine Therapy

April 7, 2010 in Articles

NOTE: Procedure is different now…

After much prompting from visitors, posters, doctors, researchers, etc., I finally invested in completing a private online community for urine therapy.

The site is password protected, completely private, and it is essentially a FaceBook for people involved with UT. In the private ut community, you create your own blog to share your experiences, you can create interest groups, discuss topics of your choice in the forum, and Read the rest of this entry →

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Shivambu and Yoga Nature Cure Centre in Kolhapur, India

April 7, 2010 in Articles

Subject: Urine therapy
Dear Dainis Michel, I would like to inform you as well as all other people interested in urine therapy that there is a newly built campus about 40 km outside of the city of Kolhapur in India called Shivambu and Yoga Nature Cure Centre.

It is just newly built and is rurally situated in the Western Ghats of Kolhapur district. The Shivambu Health Research Institute which runs the campus is a non-profit charitable trust which is dependant on funding and donations to ensure the building & maintenance of the centre as well as procuring organically grown food from local farmers and on the campus and the general running of the place. I would hope that the more people will know, the more likely they may recieve donations.

The unfortunate thing is that they do not yet have any website, which is also dependant on funding and donations, and this means that very few people know of it. If you wish I could send some pictures of the place which I recently recieved. I hope you may help me. The man who runs it is called Dr. Sarang Patil.

Stephen Crane

Thumbnail image source: Google Maps

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Fat Clown Passess Off Own Piss As Pleasure Potion

March 27, 2010 in Articles

Original Story Reprinted With Permission. Since this is not the usual style of article posted at urine-therapy.org, I’d like to explain to our regular visitors that a concerned fan asked me to comment publicly on this story. A bunch of angry, confused, and shocked fans and punk rockers deserve a bit more information from an expert source.

Regarding my headline, I just couldn’t help it! :-) He calls himself “Fat Mike,” and his stage name is “Cokie the Clown,” so, he actually calls himself a “Fat Clown.”

Fat Mike, if you do read this, there’s some really good advice for you in here…

NOFX Singer to Fans — I Peed in Your Tequila

The lead singer from the band NOFX is under fire for giving out free shots of Patron during a recent show — shots that appeared to have been watered down … with the punk rocker’s urine.

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

The guy accused of pissing everybody off – Fat Mike — put on a solo performance as his alter-ego “Cokie the Clown” at last week’s South by Southwest festival in Austin … covered by punk news website DyingScene.com.

Mike began the show by passing out the shots to fans and even downed a couple himself. But after a bizarre half hour in which Mike described his friend hanging himself, smothering his dying mother to death and milking a fan, Mike decided to show the crowd a very, very disturbing video.

The video appears to begin just moments before Mike took the stage and shows the singer urinating into a bottle of tequila … and then serving it to the audience. The video did not appear edited.

So far, cops are not investigating the situation, but when we called the Austin Health Department to ask if they had taken any action, they told us they were unaware of the incident … but would be looking into it.

Fat Mike told TMZ, “I confirmed that urine was not classified as a biohazard waste and not subject to the risks of legal ramifications of blood, semen, or feces.”


Responses below…

TMZ posted a story/video on their website today about a rockstar named Fat Mike. This past weekend at a concert festival he walked out onstage, poured about 40 shots of tequilla, drank a few, then handed the rest out to the crowd. After an extremely awkward 45 minute set he showed the crowd an unedited video of himself peeing in the bottle prior to walking out onstage. Its a pretty crazy story and video!
I’d like to address what happened using the lenses of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical experience.
Many of the people there cheered after drinking the pee shots but even more were really mad.

Physical: people drank either pure pee shots or tequila shots mixed with urine.

Emotional: Some people were excited and cheered, others were very angry.
Mental: Were laws broken? What kind of violation or “joke” is this? Can the perpetrator be sued or arrested?
It’s hard for me to believe that so many people cheered. But OK, I’ll address that too.
I certainly understand why people were mad. The fans were violated. When I explain more about what urine therapy is, certain things will become more clear about the physical side of having consumed urine. However, the violation begins with: I made you do something that you would likely not have consciously chosen to do, if you knew what I was “making” you do.
Similar examples:
Very clear:
  1. Someone says: “Step on this red circle”
  2. You do it
  3. Then, you find out that stepping on the red circle electrically shocked 100 white doves and killed them instantly.
  1. You go to a punk party where lots of people are high and you eat a piece of chocolate cake.
  2. That cake has drugs in it and you get high but you don’t know on what
  3. Were you violated?
  1. You go to a bar and order a beer
  2. The beer has a knockout drug in it
  3. You are robbed, raped, violated, etc.
  4. The perpetrators, if captured, go to jail.
What happens when teenagers spike the punch at parties and people get drunk accidentally? Sometimes people die of alcohol poisoning. It is not a funny practice to deny people their right to consume that which they personally, consciously decide is OK for them.
So, from your question, putting urine into another person’s drink (without them knowing about it), is as serious as putting any other unwanted substance into another person’s beverage.
Laws regulate “spiking” beverages by the toxicity and/or the effects of the substance used to “spike.” Date rape drugs are illegal. Surreptitiously spiking other peoples’ beverages with intoxicating substances is illegal.
Now are some important questions, should this matter go to trial, that will likely come up.
  • Did Fat Mike/”Cokie the Clown” have any legal or illegal drugs in his system when he released the urine that then audience members unwittingly consumed?
  • Does Mike have a urinary tract infection or any other medical conditions?
I was wondering if maybe you had any advice for the people who were mad, to help them cope with their situation since you have insight into the positive effects of drinking it.

OK, given that they were violated, I have compassion for their anger. The best I can say is that even in the most severe, infectious situations, consuming ones own urine is considered a safe practice, and has been practiced by millions of people throughout the ages. Urine therapy is a bit of a secret practiced by Hollywood stars, spiritualists, and people who seek optimal health.

Here are a few people who practiced urine therapy and made that information known publicly:
  • Morarji Desai – the former Prime Minister of India
  • Mahatma Ghandi – political and spiritual leader of India during the Indian independence movement
  • Lyoto Machida – Martial Arts Champion
…here’s the thing. It is highly likely that the urine the audience members consumed was sterile. To my knowledge, it is near impossible for them to have contracted any kind of disease, actually, quite the contrary, they may have even acquired a very minute amount of homeopathic resistance to whatever illnesses Mike the Clown may have.
My expertise, however, is in the application of ones own urine to oneself for spiritual and healing purposes. My expertise is not in the use of other people’s urine. I have read that drinking other peoples’ urine has been common, throughout the ages, in circles where hallucinogenic drugs are used. For example, the chieftains of a tribe would take the drugs, and then the “lesser” tribesmen could also get high from the urine of the chieftains. I would not doubt that such practices continue to the present day, since recreational drugs are expensive, drug addicts are often broke, and if they can stay high longer or even get high, by drinking their own urine or a fellow drug user’s urine…then there may be a subsector of the drug using population willing to do that.
So, to me, that’s why Fat Mike’s use of drugs, prescription or otherwise, prior to the show, is quite relevant to the audience members.
If Fat Mike used any drugs prior to the show, it is likely that the drug, or a milder form of it (less harmful to the human body), was given to the audience members.
Also, for those who find it gross that they cheered afterwards, maybe you could help inform them of why its no big deal, and could be perfectly healthy for you.
I think it’s possible that even the people who cheered found it gross, but they found it “cool gross.” I mean, some people like watching cock fights, they like concerts where live animals are eaten, I mean, when you look at what we humans find “entertaining,” it’s quite the show. Some people go and watch reenactments of wars in which millions of people were killed in movie theaters. The blood, the death, the pain, it’s all palpable.
I cannot attest to the health of drinking another person’s urine, though I have read that there are applications in which it can be healthy and spiritual.
And one last thing, maybe you have some advice for Fat Mike on maybe practicing urine therapy, if that’s what he was doing, only in the privacy of his home.

If Fat Mike does read this, I think the drug issue (legal or otherwise) could very well raise an eyebrow. Because it could land him in jail. Even a common prescription drug that was in his urine, given unwittingly to an audience member…even if it did not create a reaction in the person…is quite a large risk to take, and one which may very well bring legal action against him.

Thanks for your timely response, its greatly appreciated.
You’re most welcome!
This article may not be reprinted in whole or in part without Dainis W. Michel’s expressed written permission (approval of excerpts as well).
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UT And Illness: From Invicibility to Humility

March 25, 2010 in Articles

Some of you have heard that I have been ill for the last 5 weeks or so. It has truly made a significant impact on my life. I’m not exactly where I posted about my illness, but enough of you have gotten in touch for me to go ahead and post this very personal article.

I had reached a phase that I would now call “the arrogance of invincibility,” and what I mean by that is that I felt invincible, I felt like people could sneeze on me, like I could have wet socks in the wintertime, like I could have contact with the sick, and well…I just wouldn’t get sick.

It is interesting that the phrase “sometimes UT alone is not enough” from my interview with the kind Sudarshan Dheer comes to mind.

Since starting to practice urine therapy about 6 or 7 years ago, I have undergone a pretty significant transformation. I float much higher in the water when I swim, I have a more colorful face (it used to be much paler), I react to the sun better, I don’t have any allergies to speak of anymore, etc. etc.

However, I’ve noticed that in particular emotional circumstances, I’ve gotten sick. Not for long, just briefly.

Though this time there are some emotional tie-ins. This time, I was sick for 5 weeks. The first wave was 4 weeks and was almost over. Then there was a second wave, during which I went to a doctor who told me my life was on the line.

The illness has now “broken,” and I am recovering.

During the first 4-week phase, I went into an altered state of consciousness, due to the pain. Basically, either a viral, bacterial, or fungal or … some other kind of infection took hold in my nasal passages and spread to my throat. From there my whole throat and nasal passages were basically “eaten” and a crust was formed daily. I washed this crust out with diluted UT, because it was the only thing I knew to be safe.

On the first day, I fasted on UT and water, but it didn’t “lick” the illness the way that strategy usually does.

It may have started from improper oil pulling, as I tried to speak while using sesame seed oil to “oil pull.” That may have opened up a wound in the sinuses just above my soft palette.

A yoga doctor told me to stop oil pulling with sesame oil, which I found odd, because when I’d had such burning in my sinuses before, I pretty much pulled it right out with oil pulling. But I did what the “yoga doctor” said.

I spoke with a regular physician sometime around day 8, who said “if you are experiencing change and improvement on a daily basis, then there is no need for you to come visit me.”


The thing is that I almost checked into the hospital one night, because my kidneys felt like they were going to give out. I could hardly stand. But, every day it was different. The infection moved from the nasal passages to the throat, or from the top to the bottom, or just something was “different” enough for me to just stay home and rest.

My mom was visiting, and she was able to fill in and do a lot of the things that I had been doing, so basically, it was also practically possible for me to stay in bed, for my daughter to be taken to kindergarten, and for my wife to make it to her work.

After 4 weeks, the illness let up, my mom’s visit was almost through, and we all went to a nice restaurant where I had an absolutely delicious vegetarian lasagna and 2 all natural beers. It was literally heavenly.

After my mom left, the infection came back for a second tour. This time with pain factors at least as high if not higher than before.

In my meditation, I saw that the illness had blades that were burrowing into my flesh, and the next day I looked up that fungal infections do indeed have “blades.” When I talked with my doctor about that, he said “oh no, fungal infections are very rare.”

One thing that still bugs me is that no one smeared my throat…that I don’t really even know what I had.

My doctor is a GP and Pediatrician, and so it’s about 4.5 weeks in, and he prescribed some homeopathic medications that seems to “push” the infection around. Again, up down, around. He also told me that my life was on the line, and that if I felt bad, I should go to the hospital, where they would use infusions, antibiotics, etc.

When I was able to open my mouth, I saw that my left tonsil was about as big as a peach.

Now, I guess I was too hazy to even know what “feel bad enough to go to the hospital meant.” I mean, my pain levels were higher than I’d ever experienced in my life.

I purchased a neti pot and I used it with the homeopathic remedies plus diluted urine and I also used a spray bottle to spray my throat.

Again, I noticed change.

The day before yesterday, it took me 8 hrs to drink 2/3 of a glass of water mixed with aloe vera juice. Yet, it was also a day in which my wife took our daughter to school and picked her up and organized to have her babysat in the eve. I had the whole day.

Around 4 PM, the sickness broke. Rotten flesh, pus, and a lot of blood came out of me with coughing and well, alien-like sounding heaving really.

More rinsing with diluted ut and the homeopathic meds, wanting to keep the wounds from reinfecting.

Yesterday, I could speak again.

Today. I actually have a voice.

I literally had to cringe or clench my fists or bang my foot on the ground just to swallow, it hurt so bad…for most of these past 5 weeks.

The blessing of the illness breaking was indescribable. After the blood had settled, and I waited for a few hours, I had a glass of aloe vera juice mixed with water. It felt like a waterfall of goodness. Simply amazing.

The next day, which was yesterday, I drank more aloe vera juice with water in the morning, and I experienced the same waterfall like rush of blessed feeling.

And yesterday, I ordered a Pak Choi with Shitake Mushrooms from a friend of mine’s restaurant down the street. He is a very loving chef, and though I’m eating a lot of raw foods now, I felt good about ordering from him. I literally felt praises pouring into my heart and out from my whole soul as I ate this meal, as I ate the miso soup, and consequently went to bed.

That evening, I could eat again!

I ate steamed red beet soup with two boiled organic eggs.

Today, I kind of thought I’d be back to normal, but just eating and doing a bit of online work got me so tired that I plopped down into bed and fell asleep for most of the afternoon.

More later…


March 26th, 2010: I remember reading about people who practice UT experiencing “healing crises,” I guess this could have been one of them. There really was something about this illness that fills me with gratitude. I simply would not have traded the experience for the world. I wish learning could happen purely and solely through bliss. I really do, however, my advancement, at least in this phase, was through pain.

P.S. Likely, this story will become a part of our new private UT online community, instead of a public post. I think this post is better shared with family than the world.

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Martial Arts Champion Lyoto Machida on Drinking Urine

January 23, 2010 in Articles

I would love to interview this incredible fighter:

His presence radiates confidence and truth. Thank you Lyoto for dealing with the issue of UT not only publicly, but intelligently and with a healthy sense of humor.

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Help For Haiti

January 22, 2010 in Articles

I just got the following email:

Greetings, It occurs to us that in Haiti just now, information about Urine therapy may be extremely helpful particularly if it can come to them with advice. Is any one in touch with them? Is there any way to coordinate some means for them to receive advice from experienced people if certain cases or situations raise questions?

With thanks L.E.

What can we do right now to help?

What can you do right now to help?

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Let’s rock and roll…

December 16, 2009 in Articles

Dear Urine Therapy Enthusiast,

As you may know, I’m organizing the world’s first online International Urine Therapy Webinar, which can serve as a great kick-off for the interactive, private, facebook-like online community planned at http://community.urine-therapy....org. The benefits of such a community include:

  • a private place for people to go and interact with others who practice urine therapy
  • an online micro-funded scientific experiment on the efficacy of urine therapy
  • discussion of techniques, issues, and worries
  • platform to offer therapeutic support
  • enhancement of one’s personal practice through sharing and learning
  • online recorded video and audio presentations including lectures, webinars, and interviews
  • meeting like-minded individuals for business partnerships
  • globally uniting the family of folks who’ve adopted urine therapy as a part of their lives

Request for Financial Support

With the advances in Internet technology, I could organize the world’s first online Urine Therapy Webinar for as little as a few thousand dollars. This is an amazing time in history that such knowledge can come together so inexpensively, without travel costs, reaching everyone globally in the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to my personal cash and time investment, in order to begin approaching these ambitious and significant goals, urine-therapy.org requires startup costs of $1000 and a minimum recurring amount of $300 per month. This would cover installation, server fees, maintenance, and backups.

With 44 current members of the site, that’s about $25 to start and less than $10 per month per person receiving this email. My personal commitment to you is that your monthly donation will be handled with grace, care, and love.

My experience running online communities such as http://www.curetinnitus.org shows that, often, when things are given for free, they are not valued by their recipients. But the gift of urine therapy is divine, free, and incredibly powerful. How then, to synergize the human weakness of not valuing things that are free with the potency of urine therapy (which is free)?

My solution is a community where monthly donations are mandatory, yet the amount is voluntary, and donations can begin with as little as $1 per month. That means people interested in urine therapy could join the Urine-Therapy.org community for a donation as little as $1 per month, and they could also support the site and our cause with higher donations (which would, for example, enable the creation of a viable online scientific experiment on the efficacy of urine therapy).

If any of you connect with the potential danger of pursuing such a course of action, please get in touch with me personally. Legal fees and personal protection are not to be forgotten when planning such an online community…and I’m not budgeting for legal consultation…yet.

Should you have experience with effective legal protection of an online communty about alternative therapies such as UT, please get in touch.

I am taking on a significant responsibility in making this request of you, and I believe that you feel the importance of not only helping ourselves, but in helping each other and future generations.

It is my deep wish that this letter finds you well and willing to support our cause. You can make a one-time or recurring donation here, and the more you donate, the more we can do.

Urine Therapy deserves an online home. The scattered research, information, and videos found online leave time wasted, knowledge lost, and friendships un-forged. For example, I am personally more interested in business relationships with people who practice urine therapy than those who don’t. Something about the resonance, the honesty, and the courage. Where am I to meet such people? Also, I frequently receive emails from people asking for expert guidance, people sincerely willing to pay for personal coaching and guidance…but I don’t have a database of practitioners to refer them to.

For now, let’s see what we can bring together by the end of the year…

Request for Cooperation:

If you are a urine therapy advocate or specialist and would like to present your information at http://community.urine-therapy.org, please get in touch with me. I’ve been in touch with a filmmaker who is currently making a movie about urine therapy. I’ve heard of a doctor who advocates urine therapy for immune boosting in response to the new super-flus. I am very much interested in cooperating with you, interviewing you, and in giving you a platform for your message.


Dainis W. Michel

Founder Urine-Therapy.org

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Your Questions

August 18, 2009 in Urine Therapy News

OK folks, anything UT-related goes here. You can ask about UT, about this site, about the upcoming membership community and when it will be launched, etc. 

Three ground rules for posting and participating: kindness, honesty, and consistency.


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Urine-therapy.org Interviews Sudarshan Dheer of urindya.com

June 26, 2009 in Articles

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The following articles can be read to prepare for or supplement the interview with Sudarshan Dheer. They are from The Water of Life Foundation.

Urine Therapy:
The Last Resort or The First Choice?

There are three main ways to do Urine Therapy, namely, Drinking, Massage, and
Urine Packs.
The early morning first urine is the best. Sleep early, so that you are able to get up between 5 and 6 in the morning. Just rinse your mouth with water without even brushing your teeth. Drink all of this first urine. And drink it not as medicine but, with a spiritual frame of mind, as an elixir of life. Follow it with Pranayama (Breathing Practice) and Meditation for at least half an hour. Then drink about two to three glasses of water which will help you to clear your bowls. You will feel fresh for your daily routine. Besides this, you may drink the urine one hour after lunch and one hour after dinner.

MASSAGE of head and body:
Take the first morning urine and have it stored in a jar for at least 6 to 7 days, away from direct sun light. It will get matured. The day you want to do massage, Early morning fresh urine can also be used. It will get matured. The day you want to do massage, the previous night you should take bath with shampoo or soap. Next morning massage the whole body very gently from head to toe including hair. Let the urine  get absorbed and dried completely on the skin, which may take an hour or two. Afterwards, bathe with plenty of water but DO NOT USE SHAMPOO, SOAP or OIL. Follow this procedure as frequent as you may feel, at least once a week is a must.
If the disease is of a serious nature kind and you are looking for fast recovery, you must go on a fast by drinking only urine and water during the day. By evening you may have fresh fruit juice or vegetable soup. Begin with one day fast. If you feel the results are encouraging and your energy level is maintained, you may continue fasting for more days.
Collect the first morning urine in a dark colour small bottle with a dropper lid. Older and matured urine is more effective. Take boiled hot water in a cup and keep this bottle having urine in it till the contents of the bottle get warm. Bend your head 90 degree sideway and pour a few drops into one ear. Bring the head back in a normal position. Take a tissue and dab it inside the ear to soak the extra urine. Repeat this process with the other ear.
For eyes always use fresh urine. Use an eye cup available from the chemist shop. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to bring the urine down to room temperature. Wash the eye cup,  first with plain water and then with the fresh urine. Fill the cup up to the brim with urine and put the cup against the eye. Try to blink while the eye cup is firmly kept on to the eye for about one minute. Discard the used urine, rinse the eye cup with the stored fresh urine, and repeat the same process on the other eye.

Urine packs will definitely work wonders. Apply the urine-soaked packs to the affected area. To refresh the pack, whenever you pass urine, simply wet the pack with the urine. You may also keep the urine pack  on the affected area while sleeping overnight.
The content of this message merely should be considered as information or suggestion only. Please do not follow blindly what I say here. Assume your own responsibility for whatever action you take in your life. The healing power and strength has got to emerge from your own determination and commitment within and not from outside.
Love & Light,
Sudarshan Dheer
Phone : +91-22- 2284 0206
Email: dheergrd@gmail.com


The following information is relevant when working with the Water of Life Foundation
Full Name

Male / Female



Family Life


Daily routine especially what time you go to sleep & what time you get up in the morning

Food habits

Do you have any health problem, if so since how long

Any medicines you are taking

Your personal viewpoint or outlook towards LIFE, with what purpose?

Full Postal Address with Phone etc. with the country you belong


Why Urine Therapy ?
Before starting Urine Therapy, let us understand how Urine is related to our body and life. Whenever we go to the doctor with any complain, the first thing he recommends us is to get urine and blood tested. Based on these investigations, the doctor prescribes medicines to restore the balance of the chemical system in our body. Conventional method of Allopathic treatment does not relate to the word cure. Till now there is not a single Allopathic medicine which has no side effect. Moreover Allopathy relates with symptomatic treatment whereas Alternative method like Pranayama and Ayurveda heal the internal system. In this regard one must own the responsibility of one’s own life. Do not let others decide for you what YOU ought to do. The moment this miracle happens in you, half the battle is won. You become architect of your own destiny, and in return you gain a sense of freedom First of all, let us face it, urine is not an another kind of medicine. After all it is a product of nature prepared by our own laboratory within our body.

How Mind and Body are related to urine!
Right from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night,
our mind is constantly active and lives in duality which breeds conflicts. During this split we may also get agitated, excited, or angry. With all the conflicts and turmoil in our mind, our nervous system gets affected and damaged. If our body is not able to cope with all these shocks, it results in imbalance in our body’s chemical system which may take some form of disease.

During sleep, the so called analytical mind—which was so active and loaded with thoughts running after logic during the day—is totally silent and no more active at all. Sleep is the only time our body gets a chance to work without the interference of the mind. Now, the question is, is it possible for us to attain the same silence of the mind while we are awake during day? Only while in sleep the body gets chance to repair the damaged nervous system. For the process of repair our body needs a host of essential chemicals. Once these chemicals are produced, they are absorbed by the  body as per it’s requirement and ability. The excess of these chemicals come out in the form of urine in the morning. Remember, urine is not a waste matter, it is an excess of those valuable chemicals.

The power of thought
The composition and balance of the chemicals in the urine depends mainly on the state of mind and diet. We should never underestimate the potential and power of our mind. Our thoughts are the product of our mind which directly effects the Anabolism, Catabolism and Metabolism of our body. By negating, confronting or even suppressing the thoughts will result adversely. But if you start simply looking at the thought, watching and witnessing without attachment and involvement the same mind becomes your companion, beloved and source of strength. Then the body with its own intelligence will start functioning naturally in tune with the whole system,  So, let us begin with the mind and not with the body alone. Most ailments are the result of going away from Nature. No matter what disease one has, one can heal oneself by awakening one’s inner natural power of healing. The body is simply a vehicle to carry out instructions given by the mind. That is why the mind comes first then the body. Therefore the preference should always be given to the mind, rather than the body alone or rather any therapy. All you need is determination, commitment and build trust in oneself from within. When it comes to mind, body, and spirit, science has never been able to reach to the depths of  the fathomless universe. It is our mind which creates hell or heaven for us. Let us face the fact that our mind is always influenced by our thoughts which are going to be there as long as we are alive.

Thoughts are the product of our own mind like unending waves of the ocean. We cannot control or suppress our thoughts; neither can we direct them nor put them aside. Thoughts create duality and breed conflict. Instead, one has to simply watch our thoughts without any involvement, comparison, expectation, or judgment. This process of watching and looking at our thoughts is Meditation.

Our body normally contains a host of diseases including cancer etc. Whenever, there is deficiency of oxygen in the body or an imbalance of chemicals any kind of disease may surface. In oxygenated blood environment cancer cells do not survive. Besides this we also strengthen our immune system to guard against any kind of disease.

Any kind of medicine is effective only 20 to 25% rest 75% healing happens through mindset alone. This healing process takes place when the mind is totally in the state of thoughtlessness and experiencing silence, oneness and emptiness of space. This state of awareness is meditation.
We get into state of Meditation simply by watching our thoughts, without expecting anything, as we look at sunrise, a stage show, or a movie, without any involvement or getting affected by the drama what’s going on. It is as if watching the smile of a child. In this process, we notice that thought gets dissolved by itself. Then later on, another thought will emerge and we go through the same process. Meditation is nothing but total silence of the mind, and silence is the Meditative state.

The holistic potential of our Breath
There is another way to enter into the same state of quietness, emptiness and silence, that is through Pranayama (breathing practice). For this, please go through the attachment carefully and do it diligently twice a day. Let the approach be spiritual and not just mechanical exercise. Think that you are neither your body nor your senses, but a part of the whole cosmic energy.”
This process of Pranayama may lead towards  Meditation.

Easy, step by step towards Pranayama:
Pranayama should always be done empty stomach.
Depends on the health condition of the individual. In normal circumstances one should sit cross legs in relaxed position (Lotus pose / Sukhasana) See that the spine is straight and erect. So that the flow of energy generated through Kriyas at the base of the spine is moving upward without any obstruction.

If the person is unable to sit, he or she can do Pranayama while lying in bed or sitting on a chair, basically one has to be relaxed and there should be no tension in any part of the body. Even the face is adorned with smile. Secondly, both the hands should be kept on the knees, palms facing upward to let the cosmic energy enter.

* Remember, the objective is to move inward, spiritually and discover and invoke one’s own ability to heal . After every Kriya sit quietly doing nothing. Simply watch the breath and feel how slow it has become or possibly, it has completely stopped. You may remain in this state of stillness for as long as you wish. Feel the emptiness of space. Oneness, with no interference of the Mind and Thought. This is MEDITATION. Witness these precious moments of Bliss wherein the TIME also stops.

It is simply deep breathing through the nose. Sit in a relaxed position with your spine erect. Take a deep breath through the nose filling the lungs fully. Retain for 2 to 3 seconds then exhale slowly through the nose only because there is direct connection with the lungs. Remain in that state for a little while and then again inhale. The inhalation and exhalation has got to be rhythmic at the medium pace, neither too fast nor too slow. This is one cycle. Repeat 20 times. Bhastrika increases the capacity of the lungs and makes our blood enriched with oxygen.
* After the above Kriya sit quietly doing nothing. Simply watch the breath and feel how slow it has become or possibly, it has completely stopped. You may remain in this state of stillness for as long as you wish. Feel the emptiness of space. Oneness, with no interference of the Mind and Thought. This is MEDITATION. Witness these precious moments of Bliss wherein the
TIME also stops.

In this kriya you are throwing the air out with a stroke (forcefully) through the nose but not through throat because there is direct connection of both the nostrils with the lungs. While doing so you will notice that your stomach goes in automatically. As if you are cuffing through the nose while keeping the mouth completely closed. You do not have to make an effort to breath in, it will happen on its own. Maintain one stroke one second. In the beginning do this atleast for 50 times and every session try to increase the number of strokes. Certainly, after days of practice you may be able to reach  500 or 800 strokes. Kapalbhati activates all the internal organs and enhances the immunity level to fight against any disease.
* After the above Kapalbhati Kriya sit quietly doing nothing. Simply watch the breath and feel how slow it has become or possibly, it has completely stopped. You may remain in this state of stillness for as long as you wish. Feel the emptiness of space. Oneness, with no interference of the Mind and Thought. This is MEDITATION. Witness these precious moments of Bliss wherein the TIME also stops.

Anulom Vilom:
This kriya is an alternate breathing through each nostril. Begin with closing the right nostril with right hand thumb, after breathing in deeply from the left nostril, close the left nostril with the middle finger of the right hand exhale through the right nostril in the same condition breath in deeply through the right nostril and close the right nostril with the right hand thumb. Exhale the air through the left nostril. This is one round. Repeat the process at least for 10 to 15 minutes or even 20 to 30 minutes. As per one’s own ability. Anulom Vilom does the function of transporting the energy generated through previous Kriyas.
Thus increases the immune system and enhances the healing process.
* After the above Kriya sit quietly doing nothing. Simply watch the breath and feel how slow it has become or possibly, it has completely stopped. You may remain in this state of stillness for as long as you wish. Feel the  emptiness of space. Oneness, with no interference of the Mind and Thought. This is MEDITATION. Witness these precious moments of Bliss wherein the
TIME also stops.

Breath combined with the Sound of ‘OM’ (Aum or Omkar)
With this Kriya the exhalation automatically gets prolonged without much effort.
Take a deep breath as we do in the case of bhastrika. While exhaling open the lips and keep the teeth apart to create the sound ‘O’. By keeping the sound of ‘O’ short, slowly close the lips lightly. Keeping the teeth apart, let the sound ‘M’  emerge and continue this sound as long as you can without putting any kind of strain or effort. While creating the sound, “M” see that it comes out from the deepest level of naval. This is one round of ‘OMKAR’.

In this Kriya, experience the vibrations generated at the chest level and reaches to the brain. In this process each and every cell of the brain gets activated and rejuvenated. It also soothen the nervous system in the most natural manner, plus helps the process of healing. After one round of ‘Omkar’, just watch inwardly at breath, and in that total silence, listen to the Echo of the ‘Omkar’. After a while then start again with the next round. Like this you may do 3 to 5 or 10 times as one feels.

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quick test post

June 7, 2009 in Articles

quick test postquick test postquick test postquick test postv

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Announcing the world’s first private Urine Therapy community

March 29, 2009 in Articles

Over the next few months, I will release the world’s first private urine therapy community. The site location is completely password protected, and it is like a “FaceBook” for Urine Therapy. Because it can be embarrassing to reveal that you are practicing urine therapy, or even that you are curious about urine therapy (when you are talking to people who don’t have experience with it), this community is a real safe haven for people of all experience levels. You will be able to connect with folks who are just curious, and you will be able to connect with people and doctors who are deeply informed and dedicated to urine therapy.

The urine therapy community will allow you to post about your experiences, share information, and connect with people around the world.

The site will operate on a donations-only, conscious commerce business model. When you join, you can choose your monthly donation amount, and you can also choose not to donate. At present, the site itself has been funded by its founder Dainis W. Michel, and basic running costs are around $300/month.

Ideally, in the first few weeks of launch, we will come up to a donation level of at least $300/month, so that the site can be properly maintained, backed up, and so that site uptime can be maximized.

Check back for updates!


PS: I’ll likely change the sea lion image for this article soon :-)

Does Urine Therapy Have Any Scientific Backup / Justification?

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy

Does urine Therapy have any scientific support?

Yes, Urine therapy is very scientific and it has scientific base. Justification is very simple for those people who can understand the basic theory of immunie system of the body. In short ,you can understand by one example like vaccination ,of new born child and for small-pox prevention .Very small dose of diease is vaccinated in the human body to boost the immunie system.If you want to know in detail Please contact me through my mail
‘ sanjgarg @ gmail.com”

How many people have heard of urine therapy?

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy

It is drinking your own urine for curing ailments.

I hope ur in therapy…

Is urine therapy against the nature? Does it actually help in general health?

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy

I want to know in details about urine therapy & its good as well bad effects. Anyone practising it please guide me.

I have heard that urine is sterile, u can put it in your radiator, it heals jellyfish stings, makes good jelly, soothes a sunburn and tastes good if you eat alot of zinc, but you know…..

How many people have used Urine Therapy?

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy

I have gargled when I was getting sick..and it helped a lot. I know people that drink it every morning..I have found only good things about it…nothing bad at all! (except that part in our minds that say…yuck!)
I am currious how many people know about this, and how many use it. If you havent heard about it…try a google search on urine therapy.

in medival japan, they brushed their teeth using baby urine.

urine for a treat

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy

a short film about the benefits of urine therapy, featuring raw food goddesses kate wood, shazzie, and daniela vanilla

Duration : 0:10:28

Read the rest of this entry →

Urine Therapy (longer cut)

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy

Urine Therapy

Duration : 0:15:53

Read the rest of this entry →

urine therapy

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy


Duration : 0:6:54

Read the rest of this entry →

Urine Therapy

November 11, 2008 in Urine Therapy

The process of Urine Therapy

Duration : 0:12:26

Read the rest of this entry →

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Site Redesign In Progress

November 4, 2008 in Articles

Dear Visitor!

I’m currently creating our member community. I’m thrilled. Over the course of the next few days, this site will come together in renewed beauty. At the time of writing, the categories need to be set up, pages need to be written, the logo, theme, layout, etc. need work, and I’m configuring an automatic urine therapy content aggregator!

What a wonderful journey this has been and will continue to be!

Looking forward to your participation,

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November 4, 2008 in Articles


Disclaimer: This website is only for people
who take full, personal responsibility for their actions.

Sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh, because this one’s going to
make you chuckle. Yes, urine is medicine and feces is earth. We are
perfectly symbiotic with our surroundings and with ourselves.

It’s funny we’ve been fooling ourselves for so long into thinking that
a thing such as "human waste" could even exist. If it were
true, after this many millions of years, I guess we’d be living on a
planet of garbage.

Do we need to collect and ship deer feces off to a treatment facility?
Why do we do that with our own feces? Maybe we should get bit poop suction
submarines to get rid of fish poop, so we can "clean" the
ocean. That would be great. We’d kill the ocean, but never mind, it
would be CLEAN! It would be STERILIZED! Fantastic!

Yup, poop and pee. What a ridiculous topic: "waste." The
scientific method: not a ridiculous topic, but one that all of us would do well to review!

You might get a litte bit upset when you find out how many medications
and creams use urine, urine derivatives, or synthetically created urine
components. But, hey, we would have never believed our doctors, had
they said: "uhh, just drink your urine." So, what the heck,
what’s in the past is in the past, right? Let’s let our doctors off
the hook. They’ve really been getting a bad rap lately.

Fortunately, there’s a whole new crew of medical professionals rediscovering
urine therapy. There have been several global urine therapy conferences,
and, well, with the wonderful job our "standard" medical community
has done, we’re just ripe to discover some major truthiness! Did Stephen
Colbert copyright that term? I sure hope not!

Watch the video below and make a comment to find out more about an online community dedicated to urine therapy.