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15 thoughts on “Here’s How You Can Join Us

  1. I’m 34 years old and following urine therapy since 2006. It’s unbelievable. Got rid of asthama, cold within a month and still follows it. No side effect, nothing.

  2. Hello!!! congrats on this wonderful community..I am serious about UT.I work in a school as an administrator.I have severe arthritis and obesity.I am very hopeful that UT will give me good results.

    I am also a MEHERBABA lover and we say Jai Baba when we are praying for something good!!!!
    Jai Baba.May God bless you all….

    • do you have a clear picture of what you consider “good results?”

      if so, here’s an interesting question: what would make those results — inevitable?

      of course, you don’t need to share here and aren’t being asked to, but looking at ways to make your positive results inevitable can be an effective way to put together a plan.

  3. hi,
    I expect my arthritis to reduce slowly and am also hoping for some weight loss….with less arthritis I will walk more…slowly my medicines will reduce…My muscles pain had increased for almost a month , but now I am feeling a difference in my pain. it is much less since a week.

  4. I was skeptical but I now enjoy drinking a glass of my own urine. the taste was not as bad as I expected. in fact I now enjoy its taste and am looking forward to seeing if my health gets an extra boost. has anyone tried urine enemas; just curious since the large intestine absorbs things into the body more quickly.
    happy sipping,



    PLEASE. CAN YOU. LET. ME. KNOW , WHEN IT WILL. BE World Conference on Auto-Urine Therapy in SYDNEY,


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