Hi! Which water distiller should I buy?

Hey, if you have a water distiller you recommend that I could use in Europe…well…if you’re the first to recommend it…and I buy it…and you can figure out some way to be an “Amazon Affiliate” or something like that — then hey — you can earn a commission on my purchase!

…why not? 🙂

I’m gonna buy a distiller by August 7, 2017…

So reply below and let me know which distiller you recommend!

Yours In Truth,


  1. Jonathan

    Hello Dainis, here I am. In answer to the question I would recommend the well known Megahome distiller. It’s a countertop freestanding model producing litres of distiller water at a time and it’s what I have myself. Fortunately for me, it was a gift but that also means that I cannot recommend a particular supplier. It is however quite widely available and seems to be the one that the cheaper more inferior companies try to emulate. I can vouch for it’s ease of use and reliability as I have had it for around two years now and use it about twice a week in order to distill four litres of water at a time. Other people who have bought it all seem to be very happy with it. I also had the glass jug for collecting the water but unfortunately I broke it. It’s a nice jag but It is made from quite thin glass so you have to be consistent in handling it carefully in order not to break it. The replacement jugs are also quite expensive and I haven’t yet bought a replacement for mine. Please feel free to ask anything else about this distiller. I must point out that it is the only one I have experienced so I have nothing else to compare it with. I hope that is useful.

  2. Jonathan

    That distiller looks identical to the one I own including the jug. If it is indeed the same one by just another name in this part of the world then it is an excellent choice and you will be very happy with your purchase. 🙂