How is your practice of UT going?

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I’m curious — how is your practice of UT going?



  1. Paul Bowman

    Hello Dainis, my practice is off and on. I have days when I drink all of my urine except just before bed. Then there are days I don’t drink any, I just wipe off my penis at the end of urination and lick it off of my fingers. I don’t participate here much because I have asked questions and not received any responses at all. So I figured why bother. I would participate more but if there isn’t going to be any interaction I don’t see the point. I can just check out the site for anything new, and keep going as I have been. I joined in order to learn more about Urine Therapy, but I have learned more from books that I have ordered and read and practiced the information. I feel great, and I am in my 73rd year of life. I am active both physically and sexually, and I am enjoying life with my wonderful, beautiful wife of 51 years. She thinks I am nuts to do some of the things I do, but like I tell her, I am still around and very active so I intend to keep doing what I am doing. It hasn’t proved harmful at all, and I believe that Urine Therapy really works at keeping one healthy and young.

    I will try and visit the site more often, and contribute what I can. I hope that the group grows and that the movement proves successful in teaching the wonders of UT. I will consider donating to the group through Pay Pal as I did before. I intend to check out the site thoroughly and make some contributions to help in some small way. Thanks for your inquiry .

    Paul Bowman

  2. admin Post author

    Dear Paul, thank you for your kind and informative reply. After a Family Court psychologist in Austria called my practice of urine therapy “outside of the mainstream,” and used it as an argument to have custody of my daughter revoked, I basically balked. I have been scared. I am raising my daughter because her mother isn’t.

    My “family situation” is basically as simple as that, and if we were or are FaceBook friends, you’d see: umm this is just a regular dad being a good single dad. But the Family Court has been so aggressive and threatening — and the local Department of Children and Family Services — I mean it’s baffling how such a hostile and, I mean I could most precisely describe them as “bloodthirsty,” I mean how such an organization can even be “open for business,” well it’s mind-blowing.

    Anyway, I ducked under. My phrase for the psychologist was: I am very sorry that I cured my allergies with urine therapy, nothing else worked. Because my daughter’s mother is not raising her — what would have happened had I lost custody, is that my daughter would have been taken over by the state. It was horrifying. My whole life I’ve known I’d be a good, fun, fair, kind, loving father. And I am. And I faced these lunatics yelling at me and refusing to grant proceedings based on facts, and then taking issue with urine therapy…oh this was a good one, my “interest” in SuperFoods was also used as a mark against my being “allowed” to raise my child. My INTEREST in superfoods.

    I wrote to them that I am “allowed” to be interested in whatever I wish to be interested in.

    So, basically, that is what I have been going through since 2011. It is why there has been little to no activity here at this website. I did “keep it alive” though, and kept paying hosting fees, etc. Right now, there are 7 people who donate $1/month 🙂

    I mean, it’s something. A third goes to pay PayPal fees.

    I can also say: this is possibly the friendliest community I have ever come across online. I think there is something very special about urine therapy that leads us to be nicer to each other — and to other people — it may have something to do with an energetic awareness.

    73 is just plain awesome! Good for you! And active in the ways you describe? WOW! So wonderful — I am very happy for you and your wife 🙂

    Regarding the information here — well — I think it’s a lot like the practice of UT — we are ALL teachers here. I don’t think you can practice UT without essentially “becoming” a teacher. I would very much enjoy reading what you would consider worthwhile sharing, if you were to “take on” the “role” of “teacher.” What kind of things would you post?

    …and of course you’ve learned more from books…i think that’s what books are for. What are some of your favorites? I personally like Coen van der Kroon’s book quite a bit 🙂

    Regarding old, unanswered questions, hmm, pray tell: what were those? Maybe we can pick up where we left off…

  3. Jonathan

    Greetings, Paul, Dainis and everyone on the site who reads this.

    I have read both the reply and the response to the reply that have appeared so far in answer to the question and my first impulse is to congratulate Paul in his experience of Urine therapy and to encourage him to remain a visitor and a contributor to this site. I say this as someone who has only now come to appreciate how valuable it is to have somewhere where we can operate free of the negativity of those who do not enter this subject with open minds or open hearts. I have been away from the site for a long time and in that time Dainis has soldiered on and it is a credit to him that it is still here. He and it deserve our support. So here I am back again. I too will be looking to re-establish my rather modest financial contribution towards the running costs of the site as well as contributing something by way of writings.

    So as to my own practice of urine therapy, well it continues alongside other practices that I feel compliment it well, namely interittent fasting, the use of distilled water, meditation and high raw veganism. I am well established in my ingestion of urine and have just begun to regularly rub it into my skin on an alternate day basis. I love urine therapy. I am happy to answer any questions that people may have regarding my own experience or any of the other modalities I have mentioned here. I look forward to hearing from you. Big LOVE…

    Jonathan (I must think about updating my photograph too)

  4. admin Post author

    i will look for some settings that would allow editing of posts. edits are also a kind of vulnerability. more later…

  5. Jonathan

    Really I need to be more disciplined in proof reading my writings before I post them. I’d be interested to learn about the “vulnerability” aspect.

    1. admin Post author

      here is a spam comment. it is extremely challenging to keep them from “getting in.” dozens of these per day were the reason i started requiring donations. they are incessant, relentless people or bots.

      now, what if “these people” could edit their comments?
      what if they can then edit yours?

      also: pretty neat that you asked and the next comment was a spam comment LOL.

      i am working on locking the site down now. no comments show if you are not logged in, and i just added the picture upload functionality, which i might need to remove later on, but it’s here for now…

  6. Paul Bowman

    Thanks Dainis and Jonathan. It seems we have a lot of people judging UT, that do not know anything about it. They will not even check on the positive effects that those who practice UT have. I know that the application to my face and hands has removed age spots and makes my hands softer than hand creme does.
    I also know that the arthritis that I have does not give me pain as it use to before I started UT. There are a lot of things that I want to check on in and on my body as I try fasting UT. I have been drinking Demineralized Water with every other glass of urine. It sure does keep my close to the bathroom.

    The questions I had asked before were, I take lipitor for my heart, and wanted to know if it would have a negative effect with UT. Well, my last angio-plasty was negative. No blockages. My cholesterol is 106, blood pressure is 113/68. I believe that the lipitor does not have any negative effects when used in conjunction with UT. Another question I had was, does the taking of nutritional supplements have a negative effect? Again, I feel like I am 18, and I am very active for my age. I walk 3 to 4 or more miles a day. Use a Bowflex machine three times a week, as well as have regular sex three times a week. More if I can. So I believe that I have answered my own questions by practicing UT and watching my diet. Like I said, I want to incorporate fasting with UT, and see how that works. I have fasted on numerous occasions as long as ten days with no ill effects, but wasn’t practicing UT at the time. It should be interesting. That is about all I have for now. Thanks for the input.

    Paul Bowman

  7. admin Post author

    regarding lipitor, i’ve only vaguely heard of that medication, likely in a commercial. the last medication i took was allergy medication something like 13 years ago. what i noticed, is that the medication had an effect, but with UT, it was like the UT recycled the medication as well. i started taking less and less of the medication itself, because it started getting much too strong for me. half tablets, then quarter tablets, then a bit of claritin powder, then that was just it. the UT had an incredible anti-allergy effect.

    for me, when people “accuse” me of “believing” in UT, i wonder if they “believe” in the effects of alcohol. i mean, you drink something or flush your nose with a liquid — and you feel an immediate positive change. regarding allergies it was going from being sniffy and stuffed up and miserable, to being able to breathe freely and clearly — and feeling happy 🙂

    i find it interesting when questions contain answers, you wrote:

    “My cholesterol is 106, blood pressure is 113/68. I believe that the lipitor does not have any negative effects when used in conjunction with UT.”

    well ok, and it could be different for someone else, and it could be different for you in the future. you are allowing your immune system to guide you — no one here on this website is “guiding” you.

    i mean, regarding lipitor: what does the UT “say?” what feelings, responses, or “signals” can you gain regarding the medication and how it is working for you?

  8. Paul Bowman

    Hello Dainis, thanks for your response. The UT with Lipitor or supplements does not seem to bother me. Like I wrote I feel 18, and the only thing that I did try was to stop taking the Lipitor for awhile to see how it might be effecting the taste of my morning Urine. No change. So I am back to taking the Lipitor for now until I see my doctor for my annual check-up. The other thing I am doing is aging some urine for bathing and possible urine packs for certain injuries . I am also thinking of using urine for my toe-nail fungus. I don’t know if I should use fresh or aged urine. I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar and the nail looks a little better but not as good as I had hoped. So much to learn, and it is all so interesting to watch things change in and on my body. Oh, I have not been taking an ant-acid tablet for the past couple of days, and the acid-reflux is a lot less so far. I am really in awe of the things that I am noticing that I don’t have, or that have not been bothering me lately. I will keep you posted.

  9. Paul Bowman

    Hello UT COMMUNITY! Just checking in to let you know how my UT is going. I have stopped taking the Lipitor, and the baby aspirin, and just concentrating on the Urine Therapy. I am amazed at the youthfulness I feel in my body and the clear thinking I have. I noticed that sometimes I start to think about something and I don’t have the lapses in thought that I used to have. I am totally amazed. I have also introduced Intermittent Fasting, and have lost 15 pounds so far. I am also reading the Golden Fountain, and collecting other books on Urine Therapy. I am totally committed to this life, and the benefits I am seeing and feeling.
    I have also introduced Distilled Water into my daily intake of liquids. I have no doubts that people think I am sick for following this practice, but if they want to follow the advice of the medical community, they will end up like everyone else that follows the Symptom Covering world of drugs. There is so much more benefit to Urine Therapy that prevents or even cures the diseases in the first place. I have some friends that are battling cancer and one did lose the battle this month. She had the usual treatments. Surgery, chemo, and a second bout of chemo, and still lost the battle. The other individual is going through radiation treatments and is in a lot of pain. She just wants to allow the medical institution to continue with its license to kill regimen and will in all likelihood follow the typical end result. It hurts to know that we have the cure to what ails us and try to share it, but the end result is death. I thank God that I found Urine Therapy. I hope to develop the gift of communication so that people don’t have to die needlessly. The thing is, we just need to continue to allow our bodies to follow what is natural. Our bodies are self-healing, and self-regulating. Urine is our own best medicine, and the gift of life, to be used to our benefit. Cheers!

    1. admin Post author

      my condolences regarding your friend. i totally understand about watching others suffer. it’s hard.

      it’s up to us to stay the course and be compassionate towards others, even when they make decisions that clearly cause them pain.

  10. Paul Bowman

    Thank you Dainis. I really appreciate it. I just had a cold, and I believe that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been if it wasn’t for UT. Cough wasn’t as bad, and the head congestion was very mild. I still have some throat clearing but otherwise after three days I’m doing pretty good. There are others who have, or have had colds that have lasted over a week.
    I have found that I really enjoy UT, and I have a hard time not drinking all of the urine I pass. I generally wake up at around 5:30, and pass about 12 oz. This is the strongest of all of the drinks I take all day long. If I am out during the day, I have a 2 oz. collapsible cup that I use to measure my urine. If I am in a stall I will drink each cup, about 4 for 8 oz. But all in all I generally stop around 6 pm. so I am not up all night.

    1. admin Post author

      right, those collapsible cups seem really neat. if i’m feeling a bit under the weather, i take a backpack with me and use a plastic water bottle.