How Should We Handle Groups?

You know, a number of years back, I configured a few “Groups” on this website. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I am not so sure.

Here are two screenshots of our current list of groups:




Now, I am thinking that “groups” are superfluous right now. We are “one group.” But I do not want to delete these absolutely delightfully bright and helpful words from Pearl Shanti, who started a group called “Pure From Within.”


Purification period is unique and special. It’s all about motivation. It is not always comfortable when the purification is in progress, but the gain is more than that. And it is to purify himself from within and out, so our true light may shine with the brilliance we originally came with.

What say you to join us in this group and to share your UT cleansing experiences with others and see the value in others’ shares. Join us, to give, then you will also receive.

Let us inspire each other, there is much support in inspiration.

My name is Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart, 50 years, I’m from Norway but now lives with my son in the Andes. I have lived as a professional therapists in more than 20 years …. but I’m new to UT practitioner. I am here as a student myself, I give no advice or guidance here in UT.

But as therapists, I know the importance of sharing their experiences with others so that when we inspire someone else or let us inspire, as we support others as well as ourselves.


Maybe it’s your special story that gives security and peace to another … I assumes that most of us got the feeling of being mad when we took the first sip and lubricated urine over face and body, I did that in any case.

So, ….. we sit in the same boat, let us share …..

No sharing is crazier than the other …… ALL is the perfect welcome ….. for YOU are perfect and YOU deserve the very best ….

Welcome dear friend, I look forward to hear from you ….

– Pearl Shanti


So, I am thinking maybe we can use “tags” on this site — in our comments and posts — to kind of signify what we would otherwise use “groups” for. So we would make a comment and add #PureFromWithin, but I don’t know if that will work technically yet…

What are your thoughts on “groups” in our community? Are they useful at all?