I like what I see going on at FaceBook re Urine Therapy…but…

Our membership procedures are designed to keep our experience at urine-therapy.org positive, private, and properly archived.

I like what I see going on at FaceBook, for example, but, if your account gets blocked or deleted — all of that information — all of that sharing — just disappears. I watched it happen as I blocked some angry people from one of my FaceBook pages, and I did not expect their previous comments to vanish, but they did.

Your content on FaceBook, as far as I understand it, is owned by FaceBook. However, if I publish on urine-therapy.org and talk about it on Facebook, then Facebook does not “own” my content. Owning also means: can be deleted at any time.

I just don’t think it is a good idea to have so much knowledge-gathering, sharing, growing, and learning, threatened with potential “immediate deletion.”

So, that’s why we have the urine-therapy.org website.

What do you think?


  1. Jonathan

    Hi Dainis, sorry I’ve been absent for a while, I’ve been busy in a part of the world where getting online is less of priority that the more immediate concerns of family. Back now though. I totally agree with you when you say “I just don’t think it is a good idea to have so much knowledge-gathering, sharing, growing, and learning, threatened with potential “immediate deletion.”
    Looking forward to having a good read of the material that’s appeared during my “absence”
    I trust you are well.

  2. admin Post author

    thanks Jonathan great to hear from you. i had a situation where i removed someone from one of my pages — all of their comments disappeared retroactively. it was weird.

  3. Jonathan

    I received a notification on my email address of a rather lovely request that you made for us as a community to come together as a family. “Here here!” (as they say in this country’s House of Lords. I really don’t like being absent from this site for as long as I have been of late… there are people to answer and generally a contribution to make. Already I’ve seen how one’s efforts can stimulate and encourage others – a new year resolution perhaps.
    Know that even when silent, my support is with you.

  4. Jonathan

    I am aware that people who use urine therapy do so for different reasons and with different levels of frequency than others. I regard myself as a health maintenance user – someone who believes that my own water helps prevent any number of modern day ills from taking hold and undermining my overall well-being. This conviction for me comes as much from an intuitive feeling about it that stems back to my first tentative sip as from any hard empirical evidence (of which there is much). I felt then as I do now that “here was something intrinsically good for me.” It was never important for me to garner copious scientific proofs that it was effective, it was enough for me to know within myself that it was.

    In an age where it seems that until modern day science has confirmed a truth nobody can “know” it, many of us hold back from making progress that is dependent on our inner convictions – which is a shame. I suppose it boils down to having the courage of our convictions, something that all can do – if need be in very small steps (or little sips!) Having established urine therapy in my life i I love having a space where I may express a thought that may help nudge someone towards taking their own next step. The great ever-present universal intelligence to which we belong, is expert at bringing to our attention those relevant pieces of information when they are most needed. It knows that someone will read what we write and it will also know how it may stimulate further thought and hopefully further growth.

    Ours is a relatively quiet site but it is in the privacy of quiet times that a lot of real progress is made. May we continue to support and encourage each other.

    Big Love