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Start Contributing To The urine-therapy.org Website Today!


As all of you know, the reason urine-therapy.org asks for a financial donation (however small), in order to participate in our community, is to filter out hatred. The people who have access to our activity stream (LOL) have selected a donation amount, and the result has been a very positive. The community is not highly trafficked, but it is wholesome, friendly, and positive, which is wonderful!

I’d like to present the option of offering a “donation activity,” as a way to maintain a balanced and reciprocal relationship with urine-therapy.org.

So, you can now contribute articles, videos, etc., to our online community as a Site Contributor, and your donation thereby becomes optional.

If you contribute at least one article per month, then you are welcome to come on board as a Site Contributor.

Our membership procedures are designed to keep our experience at urine-therapy.org positive, private, and properly archived. Wonderful discussions are happening at Facebook, where privacy, reliability, and future availability are valid concerns.

If you’d like to be a Site Contributor, just get in touch in the form titled “Leave a reply” below and send us a short description of yourself and the kinds of articles/videos you publish about urine therapy.

Blessings and best wishes 🙂

October 16, 2013
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