Urine — out or in? Which direction is the right one?

Only out or only in, or do we “need” to choose?


  1. Jonathan

    What an excellent video! Personally I think the answer to the question “Out or In? needs to be decided by your understanding of the therapy and your aims at the time. For example in my case, I am currently experimenting with short dry fasts during which do not want to be taking in any liquids which would include my urine. Once the fast is over however, drinking some urine diluted with distilled water)acts very well to stimulate and flush out the bowel of any toxins accumulated there during the fast. The urine in this instance is acting as a welcomed laxative. When I’m not fasting, urine ingested is acting as he says in the video to balance the ever changing state of our system in a healthy manner. I love urine therapy. Thank You Dainis for this video.