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Howard Stern Mocks Urine Therapy

how would you respond? Q: Howard, are you familiar with the scientific method? Q: What is the first step (in general) of the scientific method? Q: Are you prepared to give me a list of the medications you take to see if there is urine or synthetic urine in them? Q: Have you been to the dentist lately? Q: Ever had your teeth whitened or have you used any teeth whitening products? Q: Have you ever purchased a skin cream? Q: Why is it OK to tie up pregnant animals and harvest their urine and make a medication out of it, but gross to use your own urine? Q: Milk comes out of cows, is it a "waste" product? Q: Just because something comes out of the body -- why does that prove to you that it is waste? Semen comes out of the body, does it not? Is semen waste? Q: Why do you pretend to know the purpose of urine with the justification of it coming out of the body proving to you that it is a waste product? Q: Why is human urine a waste product but animal urine something to be gathered so that we can make medications and creams out of it? Q: If animal urine and fecal matter were "waste," wouldn't natural habitats have turned into toxic wastelands long ago? Q: Why don't we need to clean forest floors of animal excrement to prevent the forests from being destroyed? Q: Why don't we need to filter the ocean of animal excretions? Q: Why is animal urine so much better than human urine? Q: Why is it OK to slather chemically preserved animal urine extract all over your skin to heal your rashes and give you soft skin, but it is somehow not OK to use your own to get a better effect? Q: Why were fertility medications made out of collected port-a-potty human urine until they could synthesize a similar compound? Q: If the first step of the scientific method is to observe, and you have no direct experience with urine therapy, why do you mock it? Q: Do you know the difference between an assumption and a fact? Q: Why do you interrupt your guest "Seth" so often that he hardly gets to speak? Q: Why do you project into Seth's persona, and then mock your fabricated projection instead of letting him speak for himself? Q: Do you know the difference between a projection and an observation? Q: How cowardly is it to mock something one doesn't understand and has no experience with? Q: How beneficial would urine therapy have to be for someone to endure the kind of public mockery you put your guest through? So for example, if you were mocked that severely for, i don't know, exercising daily -- and you felt the health benefits -- or for not smoking -- or for smoking something -- whatever -- how beneficial would it need to be for a person to continue doing it? Q: Most of the people who practice urine therapy keep it secret and tell no one so that they are not mocked. Do you really think anyone who practices urine therapy in the western world receives any kind of social benefit? Q: Have you heard of the term cognitive dissonance? Q: Do you assume that the world is flat and laugh at anyone who says that the earth is round? Q: Do you assume that the earth is the center of the universe and that the sun revolves around the earth -- and viciously mock anyone who presents facts that contradict your assumptions? Q: What are the ingredients of urine? Q: What portion of your argument that urine therapy is ineffective is based on common knowledge? Q: Is any portion of your argument that urine therapy is ineffective based on fact? Q: What facts make you believe that people who practice urine therapy are crazy? Can you list them right now? Q: So you don't know the ingredients of urine, you rely on common knowledge like the earth is flat and urine is bad for you to provide justification for mocking your guests, you don't understand or apply the scientific method to come to your conclusions, and your opinion isn't worth examining for validity exactly why? ----- for a few moments i titled this post "Howard Coward Stern Mocks Urine Therapy," maybe that would rile him up -- being called a coward. i took it out of the title of the post for now...

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