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  1. I have researched the idea of urine therapy for the past few weeks. I ordered and have just received “Golden Fountain” and within a few hours read the entire book.

    I wanted to be as educated as possible before attempting this form of therapy. Everyone thinks I’m crazy as I am considering drinking my own urine. I really don’t care what their opinion is, as I have decided that it is agreed by all that urine is sterile, and it’s not going to kill me.

    I started out a few days ago applying my morning urine to my face (as a test). I have noticed immediate results.

    This morning I was confident enough to drink it.

    I must say that it tasted as bad as it smelled. Not my urine’s fault by any means, as I have a horrible diet. It was VERY salty, and had a weird taste (based on the foods I eat I’m sure).

    I had to hold back on gaging a few times after it all went down, but I rinsed out my mouth with water a couple of times to help myself.

    Once in my stomach, there’s a little weird feeling knowing it’s down in there.

    I’m going to do it again tomorrow morning and continue for at least 30 days before I decide on whether it “works” or not.

    I am absolutely going to change my diet starting today!

  2. O.k. I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely can not “orally consume” my urine. I can apply it to my face, but I just can’t drink it.

    I do however want to get it “into” my system.

    I read about urine injections and was wondering if anyone can “guide” me on that.

    Thank You!

  3. Hi, maybe you already know the book from dr. J.Abele where injections are reported only for specific treatments needing a doctor to do the injections, that is not an autotherapy any more. neither orine is still intact but sterilized by boiling / disinfectants.
    Indeed injection is a not-natural way, not normally suggested as other internal safe uses are available like simple drink or irrigations that you can do at home by yourself.
    Have you tried to drink it together with fruits-juice (fresh-not sugar)? Is good, you can increase the amount with time,,, so drink and irrigations with massages through the skin, anyway it goes into the lymph then blood, into your system. Hope my advice might help

  4. i’ve been using urine (my own) on my skin for over a year.

    got rid of rosea. closed up all my pores. I’m 47 and my skin has never looked better. I saw results fairly quickly and I’d never stop now. Seems the older the better for the urine. I save it in a glass jar.

    I have always kept out of the sun as much as possible but most women my age don’t have skin like this without the expensive treatments that I refuse to pay for and don’t have to thanks to my urine.

    I want to drink it to see if it helps with some stuff but so far I feel reluctant. I’m really hoping to get some encouragement from this group of folks. I was very impressed with the video made by
    Dainis, the composer. He sure seems together and honest.

    • Thank you so much Monica 🙂 Honestly, not a lot of my friends know I’m doing this. I’m so “public” online, but interestingly, I hardly talk about this stuff in person. Maybe that will change, especially with the number of lives lost. I’m glad you are enjoying wonderful skin. I bet it feels nice to have this “little secret.” I also used urine topically at first. It was a really really big deal for me to start, and I started with just a few drops in orange juice or tea. As “repulsed” as I was, I felt results very quickly. My digestion improved, I passed a lot of, umm, solid waste (I wound up on the toilet a lot), even after just a few drops of UT. The first few days were really odd for me, because I was like “umm, I really did not eat that much today…” And I realized I was going through a bit of a cleanse. It felt too good to stop, in the same way that your skin just looks too good for you to stop. Why should you stop? Because someone would rather sell you something that’s made out of lamb urine anyway?

  5. I have been suffering from backpains & malaise for so many years. Maybe it was due to my strenous works of heavy travelling by motorcycle day-in and day-out under any weather conditions. I also immediately go to bath even my tired body has not rested yet. It was also probably because in my younger days i abused my health by smoking, drinking, eating almost daily -oily foods and lack of rest and skipping of meals most of the time. I have gone to countless therapeutic massage and x-rays to determine where the pain is coming from, to no avail. This has affected my work. I get tired easily and almost always falls asleep everytime we have company meetings. Sometimes i observe some boils growing on my skin. Definitely i can say that my immune system have been compromised. Also i suffered acidity and from time to time blood comes out from my mouth together with the acid. But when i started urine therapy my back pain for many years just suddenly disappeared. Almost 95% cured. I have observed also that any skin infections, boils etc are easily cured without even using antibiotics. I passed my stool easily, very soft,watery stool that i no more suffer painful hemmorhoids eversince. I feel very active even when my hours of sleep is lacking and i look younger. of course, i have to reduce my drinking and smoking and planning to improve my diet consumption (reduce canned and processed foods, canned foods, meat etc) I believe urine theraphy is working and has been beneficial to me. I also look at life now in a positive way and indulge in exercises, meditation etc. and try to avoid chemical medicines as much as possible. initially i had a gag the first time i started urine theraphy but i overcame it with a strong willed emotion to be well. Now i can drink full glass straight-up. Most of the time i drink another glass in the night prior to sleep. I drink 2 glasses of water before going to sleep so that my urine in the morning is clear and taste just like distilled water that is colorless. I strongly believe that my sickness came from the poison inside my stomach that has been detoxified by my urine. I have been recommending it to my friends and aquaintances and some of them have tried and reported the same wellness i have experienced. I thank God that he allowed me to discover this wonderful treatment and i hope many too will benefit from this. Thank you.

  6. I have just started. I really get inspired somehow after peeing into my cupped hands and bringing that to my face. I find it most pleasing in the morning. The more water I drink the more pleasant.

  7. Hello!
    Glad to find you all here.
    I have sent a message using your “Send a comment” box. Please check and reply when you get a chance. Thanks and chat soon,


  8. Hi ,My name is mehak sachdeva and me along with my family members has been on UT from the last 1.5 months…It surely is a great nature’s gift to make us believe that God has given you the precious water of life that we can use to feed our bodies..I have added you on facebook Mr admin and i just wanted to connect with you on skype and facebook .Hope u dont mind.Anyways plz tell me does drinking full day urine is fine or we just have to intake the morning midstream only???????? Is the urine we pass in afternoon and evening that much healthy????????? Looking forward for your reply.

  9. Hello,
    i don’t know if you have had my mail, so i repeat here what i said.
    So, thank you for your site even if i can’t be a member for the moment. Maybe one day.
    I practice amaroli since i’m 23 years old, with up and downs, and now i’m 35 years old.
    I did a blood analysis and i have a little to much creatinine. Could you please tell me what you think about it.
    Thanks a lot,

    • you stated financial reasons for being unable to join.

      i created a profile for you. the donations are to keep out anger and spam — not to keep out people.

      public profiles (real name with picture) are available to guest members and contributing authors. to keep our community strong and to engage in a real conversation about UT and business, money and strength, intellectual property ownership and the ability to disseminate the information, etc., the minimum recommended donation is $1/month (USD), which is less than 3 Euro cents per day.

      here is your login information:

      First Name: *******
      Last Name: *******
      Email: *******
      Membership Level: Private Community Guest
      Username: *******
      Password: *******

      dainis w michel

  10. Sir,
    Before 7 years , I had met a minor heart attack. Now also I am using medicine for cholesterol and Blood Pleasure. Now I heard about Urine therapy and which is more good for heart deceases. If so I would like to know more about the UT. Give a detailed reply about the usage and its advantages. And how it will affect my health condition. So sir I solicit a reply about UT to helps the heart patient.

  11. Hello- I joined the UT Community this morning (California, USA) and I am wondering if this community is still
    active? Some of the dates are at least 1 year old- I hope you are all here and doing well- Looking forward to participating and learning more about UT.


  12. Hi Kelli, I can’t say that, for me, I find the community here very active. However, I do find it important and pleasant.

    Likely in 2015, we will roll out a more thorough safety net for the UT community and will have a few specific initiatives.

    Facebook owning my data, our data, it’s just unsafe and unpleasant.

    We’ll be asking what initiatives the community finds most important. Some possibilities are: making sure UT is recognized as a “real” alternative therapy, parental rights (practicing UT cannot be used as an argument to revoke custody from parents), better list of books, (list?) of practitioners, etc.

    For a list of practitioners, the problem is that UT is a bit “hidden.” There are reports of doctors losing their licenses to practice medicine as a result of UT related activities.

    So, the FaceBook groups, the free groups, and this one — we are all serving our purpose and certainly is planning several important initiatives for 2015.

  13. Hello Danis-
    I did not find this response particular response until today.

    I agree with your view on Facebook- I do not have my own Facebook page- but share my husbands occasionally.
    We have 3 lovely grown children and 1 grandchild and this appears to be the way the like to communicate!

    I think a list of practitioners might be helpful, but I absolutely understand the difficulty with stating ones views regarding it.

    I was able to find an answer to my question regarding the proper method of storing urine- so a little more research answered that for me.

    I am not sure I will continue to subscribe to this site, mainly because there currently is so little activity- however, I do wish to thank-you for your efforts and for your reply to my initial interest.

    Take Care Dainis,

    • ideally what would happen is people would post their experiences — and each time each person would take their own responsibility for the information posted — not for its accuracy — but for posting it.

      the “little activity” i think can be explained by my focus on not only keeping things safe from “external eyes,” (sometimes people wish to be completely anonymous here), but also by my focus on keeping me, the website, and the member community safe from legal repercussions.

      if i were, as admin, to write: UT cures everything, then i could wind up in jail. interestingly, i don’t actually find that “UT cures everything,” but i find UT to be very helpful. for me, UT has become a kind of foundation of strength, something that has undoubtedly made me stronger and healthier than i would have been without it.

      see: i am allowed to post my personal experience. also, personal experience is discounted as allegorical evidence, and without a scientific process of collection and evaluation (of experience), the evidence is absolutely categorically dismissed.

      so, with that — i am safe and won’t face negative legal repercussions for creating an online community about UT.

      the FB communities are interesting, and many are surprisingly open. what FB offers (which was not the case in more open communities in the past), is a kind of filtering of the visitor population — and no one who uninterested in UT will “join” a UT group on FB. well, maybe they do, but they join, flame, post mean stuff — and are immediately blocked. that was not so easy “in the old days.” they would just rejoin and post the same kind of angry nonsense.

      the data-farming aspect of FB is chilling. one slight change in legal policy and pooof, not only are specific communities on FB deleted — but the a central authority — knows exactly who you are, where you go, with whom you associate, etc. that, is chiii-hih-hih-hih-ling.

      a lot of people alive today DO NOT want to be on ANY lists of any kind, in particular online — because they associate staying off of “lists,” with staying alive.

      i am glad you found the info you were looking for, and i think it would be great if you would post here — but understand if you do not.

      we will be changing our policies some in 2015, where “significant contributors” can choose to donate or not. that may provide a more active information stream.

      blessings to you Kelli and to all who read this message 🙂

      • Hello Mister, I have sent you an email message and am now looking to put my thoughts into some order that will constitute my first articles under my new status. Thank you for having faith in me.
        BIG LOVE

    • Hi Kelli, I have read your post and Dainis’s response and both make a lot of sense, however I just wanted to make a short case for continuing here if only because it is a good place that I think needs to continue for the reasons mentioned. I for one will be visiting more regularly and submitting articles and I have realized that a good way to attract more people is simply to tell the folk you know who have interest in the subject to call in here. I am hoping that you will reconsider and dare to look forward to speaking with you in the not too distant future.
      BIG LOVE

  14. Hi, how do I delete one of my own comments? About two years ago I wrote a question on this site not knowing it was public and now e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e can see it if they google my name – as we know everyone is doing about everyone nowadays. This has led to very weird questions in very weird situations. At that time you didn’t need to be a member to write a question. Please make this site visible only for members!

    • totally!

      here is my response: “the widget just did that by itself.”

      i have a tech support request in — i might need to dig into the code — etc.

      honestly, i may write an article on managing your digital identity. it is NOT easy to do.

      what then gets even creepier is — well OK — i’ll get this setting fixed.

      but google, facebook, the police, the government, marketing agencies — anyone w the tech savvy to figure out who is posting what — knows who you are and what you’ve posted — regardless of any piddly website’s “security settings.”

      to “crack” that — the budget needs to be able to “compete” w companies that have billion dollar budgets.

      maybe this can be “your thing,” do you want to help?

      anyway — i will figure out how to make that recent comments widget display the display name only — however — it’s an interesting and useful topic! 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply – and a fast one!

        The thing about my question from two years ago is that you don’t need to be savvy to see that. That’s almost the first thing that pops up when one – anyone – google my name. It’s not what I want to discuss at a work interview… (which has happened).

        I’m not a computer wizard so I’m afraid I won’t be able to sort this out. I do hope there’s someone else here that knows how to make this site more safe and private.

        Do you as an admin know how to delete those messages where my name shows? That is the one from April 14, 2013 and the two from earlier today. That would be awesome!

        Thank you for the work you are doing! 🙂

    • You know, it really depends on your diet. If you’ve been eating foods that create smelly urine, well, you’ll stink LOL! If you’ve been eating foods that make you smell wonderful — along with your urine — then you will smell super awesome doused in urine.

  15. Dear admin ,I am asking a question for my friend who has a kidney infection ,and she is taking antibiotic ,I told her about the UT .She is worried to drink it because she had blood in her Urine but I told her it would be ok ,Was i write to think so I have read so much about it and watch videos ,pls let me know .thanks .

    • Dear Abla, it is important to be very considerate when appealing to others about UT. In general, people ask questions that relate to their own practice — specifically taking responsibility for their own health and actions. When we cross over into making suggestions to others — instead of motivating others to find answers within themselves — in a sense, we can be seen as “taking” power away from others. We can also be seen as “helpful,” so it is not just a “give or take” scenario.

      If your friend would like to ask — please have your friend ask from your profile.

      It is absolutely best for individuals to ask — for themselves. And then, as usual, those individuals are guided to seek their answers within themselves.

      If you track the questions on this website, it is quite interesting to note that many people answer their own questions — while asking.

      But, when the person involved is not doing the asking — there is a kind of chasm in the process — because the people “asking,” don’t really get the chance to find their own answers. Does that make sense?

      If she is practicing, or chooses to practice — it should be her choice. If she chooses to practice UT with some blood in the urine — then that is her choice. If she chooses to avoid UT when there is blood in the urine, then that is also her choice.

      Where both of you will gain power, is in making that choice very clear. You are not her, and she is not you. You do not make her decisions for her — and she does not make your decisions for you. If you choose to take each other’s advice, then wonderful — it is a choice you are making as mutually respected individuals.

      Such respect can be quite settling & healing. Maybe talk about it. 🙂

      So my actual answer is: if she does not want to try UT while there is blood in the urine, then she does not have to, it is her choice. If she wants to try now, regardless of what is “in” the urine or what the urine looks like, then that is also her choice. She will feel into her immune system, and she will make her choice.

  16. Hi
    My girlfriend has Colitis Ulcerosa. Anyone inhere who has a case story/has suffered from the same?

    (I have practiced the UT for more than 5years and the only times I ever get sick og flue is if I have forgot to practice UT. Even if it is just a few days. Then I have to get back into UT. Just goes to show, in my opinion, that UT works. Just keep at it).

    Thanks y’all
    Allan Jensen

    • i know someone who gave UT a shot. he said it didn’t work. he said he stopped, then got sick. his actual words were, approximately: “well i tried it and when i stopped i got sick, so it’s not for me.”

      i was like: so you weren’t sick while trying UT out?


      but then you got sick after you stopped?


      so you stopped altogether?


      kind of odd, if you ask me, but hey…what can u do?

  17. I’ve got high blood pressure and pimples on my back and face, when is the best time to drink my urine and if I urinate during the night and save it and reheat it in the microwave does it loose it’s nutrients and electrolytes?How much do I consume and do I alternate with water between drinking ?

    • i would never recommend microwaving anything. pimples are easy to clear w UT, there are youtube videos available. but — you actually have to go through a cleansing process, your hormones need to be properly balances, your diet needs to facilitate clear skin — as does your lifestyle. it’s “simple,” but it can “take a lot of work.”

      if you are interested in normalizing your blood pressure, then you have some choices to make. you may want to meet with your doctor regularly over the course of a few months to monitor your progress. that is what i did when i started UT — i did “live blood analysis” with a medical doctor, over the course of a few months.

      i also had standard blood work done.

      how much do you consume? the amount you choose to consume while taking full responsibility for your own health and actions.

      do you alternate with water between drinking: if you choose to do so, yes, if not, no. again: you take responsibility, you make your choices. you can try one way and another way. ideally, then you would come back and post on what you did and the impact it made.

      try “loosening up” the concept of “a right way or a wrong way,” and try to find “the appropriate way for you,” or at least “what you find is a good idea for right now.”

      don’t do anything you think will cause you harm & move forward peacefully in grace and health.

      if you find yourself in sketchy territory — get medical/therapeutic/professional help — in person.

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