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due to the high volume of spamming, flaming, anger, inquiries, media requests, etc. etc. etc., membership is required to interact with this site.

you can choose a donation amount (starting at less than 4 cents per day), and participate!

the donation requirement has been very successful in creating a healthy, happy, loving, inquisitive and kind environment at it’s quite beautiful and i never could have imagined that a little bit of money could offer such a healthy buffer — eliminating the angry “flamer” types of comments.

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17 thoughts on “membership is required to access this website

    • sun, that’s an interesting question and my experience indicates that it changes day by day, likely person to person. sometimes i drink very very diluted UT — when i am very thirsty — the water seems to have more kindness, more hydration — with just a bit of UT. it likely also depends on what kind of water you are talking about.

      if you are seeking “an instruction” that would be along the lines of “after taking UT you must wait X# of minutes before drinking water,” then you may be able to find someone willing to control your actions and tell you what to do, but that’s not what i do or suggest. i suggest gaining a feel for when you want a lot of time before drinking water, when u only want a short time — and experimenting and seeing what works for you — all the while allowing bliss and your well being to guide you.

    • what response do you find ethical? one: read. there are reports of such healing. however, confronting such a condition is not just a health issue, it is a legal and political one. feel free to post on your findings.

  1. Hi I was most recently on a WOrld wide program on National Geographic Show called Taboo. Here is the link to show. I am sharing because I know this is a huge positive blow to the Urine community to know that we are winning the information age to share UT to world. I am yogi zen & I hope U will post my video for all to view. Any ?’z please email me.

    Also would like to join ur site but just know i do not own a credit card, never have an dont have any way to get u $ so I ask u giftme a trial membership
    Thnk U Yogi Zen

  2. I would love to join but I am not real keen on anyone gaining access to my bank account. I have many references and I can cite numerous places were I support alternative healing, mostly homeopathy, raw milk, kefir, flower remedies, and nutrition, and other fringe subjects like cold fusion.

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