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This used to be “my story,” but because I regularly receive emails from people sharing their personal UT stories, and because of how useful and helpful it is to share these kinds of stories (not only for ourselves, but for others as well), I figured I’d make a spot on this site where we can share our UT stories with each other.

Here’s my UT story, and I look forward to reading yours 🙂

My name is Dainis W. Michel, and I came down with tinnitus on Feb 15, 2002 at 4:30 PM. I heard a loud crack in my left ear, and my life has been very different since. I spent all of my money on medical treatments and had almost nothing left. I’d borrowed money from family, and I had a lot of pressure to pursue my studies, work, and other obligations full steam.

I came across John Armstrong’s book Urine, the Water of Life, and I figured, what the heck…I don’t have any money for any more medical treatments.

Since then I’ve purchased a number of books on Urine Therapy, I’ve contacted the Water of Life Foundation in India, and well, I’ve had at least a little bit of my own urine every day since November of 2004. I intentionally skipped three days at one point, because at the time, I thought my body might benefit from a “break.”

Since Nov. 2004, I’ve had two days of quick, short colds. Both colds had a direct relationship to emotional circumstances (parents’ divorce, mother-in-law’s visit).

Besides that, my hair is starting to turn dark again. I’ve been incredibly strong. I passed a yard-long parasite during a urine and water fast, and well, here I am with a website about urine therapy. Believe me,
I never, ever expected such a funky twist in my medical adventure.

Through a variety of therapies, I’ve reduced my tinnitus to the point where it is hardly a factor in my life. I don’t like it that I still have even the slightest amount of tinnitus though, so I’m working to take care of that “last little bit.” Also, I have quite a bit of muscular skeletal work I need to do, and I think that when I
bring my body into proper physical alignment, that the rest of the tinnitus will disappear.

If it doesn’t, I’ll keep going, I’ll keep searching, and I’ll keep applying my best intentions to fully heal myself.

The main surprise relevant to this website is how incredibly good practicing urine therapy makes me feel. I cut my foot on some glass while chasing a Fed Ex truck…actually, the delivery was, of all things URINE THERAPY BOOKS! Ha ha. At any rate, I pulled out the glass from my foot and dressed the wound with urine…healed magnificently.

I found out how many medications use urine, urine derivatives, or synthetic urine components, and well, it’s a bit disappointing. For there to be so many scientific studies on the use of urine and urine derivatives…it’s just shocking. In a way, I feel betrayed. But I can also sympathize with doctors who might knee-jerk react and yell about urine being waste and that the body wouldn’t expel something beneficial to it.

I’d like to draw on the Scientific Method for help, and I’ll reprint the Scientific Method here in a bit.


  1. Tiziano

    Thanks Dainis and the others of the group for your hospitality on the site,
    i am from Italy and found this site from a Google search checking out what available on UT on the web.
    I Also have many books on UT but this came to me after tried it and developed a wide interest on ancients’experience, guessing they were more awared about wellbeing and health than most of us nowdays.
    Yes, mainly it happened to read an English magazine at friends’home (to emprove my english) whit a piece on UT written by a skeptic author wondering in a joking way,,,
    To me instead it was a revelation, a missing input on the perfect autotherapy after a Pharmacist degree and disappointing job experience about healthcare.
    , and tried it soon. Good feeling! It was the 1992, after that used it normally in various way, could say for anything needing healing,
    (now is my only medicine aside with foods)- by bathing, massage, hair and drink, arriving to my 56 yrs in good shape.

    So now I am happy to see this topic as an international theme in the west Countries, thanks to you of the group for this.
    I would contact some other autotherapist expecially about direct experience of bathing, body massage, hair care, wellbeing with urine.
    And also an obvious interest on an extended sexual feeling about urine using together with/ or from a woman.
    As you know in past times urine was also taken by others of the family, and in other Countries there is a tradition of the couple-use -( you remember on “Amaroli” by Christian Tal Schaller
    referes an Indian suggestion to use urine directly man-woman each other for better health-&-pleasure) as interactive fluid producing changes in both bodies. Anyway I practiced it
    and believe that as the best way to enhance body-&love care. Experienced a special feeling of fullness. (in Tantra is extended to further)
    I know this topic maybe hard to treat in public, the full intimacy of body, (I spoke with an eminent Christologyst, He told was hard for Christ in public as well at those times…)
    but is a good one, and might be very natural. I try sometimes to talk about it with friends,, you know in Europe there’s a strong catholic and religious dogmatism,
    is a pity that made it so hard to treat,,,,everything about wellbeing through love-pleasure feeling is dumped as immoral-paradoxal ( you know “sacred pleasure” by Rhyanne Eisler?)

    So I would exchange as theme this communion of wellbeing, health, love -together at the same time- as we can experience through Urine , reported from others who practice it too.

    About scientific proofs I think difficult to refere the true nature of urine, since these proofs stop at chemical and phisical level. cannot reach what there is of holistic.
    Besides, they are endorsed by a scientists’ community with contrary interests to autotherapY. The main purpose is extract some active component for pharmacological use.
    Instead, What urine can do of special is dued right to his whole configuration and should not be split in pieces; as intact can
    strengthen vitality, immunity and hormonal systems together(symbionts indeed),
    and we know hormons are at head of health, so it means this is quiet a special living medicine,,,,
    I affirm this as ex-pharmacist after direct experience too, and along with the story of urine.

    Thanks again for this opportunity to share, I will follow the site ahead, Bye from Tiziano. —Tiziano Merolli -Firenze- Italy

    1. admin Post author

      @Tiziano: I just reviewed your post from 2009/10/15 at 3:26pm, what a wonderful story…thank you very much for sharing it…

  2. kelsang

    well, i never thought i will find a web site dedicated to urine therapy.I am Tibetan. But to you westerner idea of consuming your own pee is unthinkable. you think it is waste and dirty. It is scientifically proven that the liquid is sterile and contains no waste as such. let me just quote Gandhi here instead of telling long story. I quote Gandhi ” you can wake up someone who is truly sleeping but you cannot awaken someone who is pretending to be asleep” So don’t pretend. Come out of box and give it a chance. I promise you will never be disappointed.

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Kelsang, It is a joy to “meet” you, even virtually. For me, a part of me didn’t know I was “pretending.” When your surroundings are a dream, and waking up also involves pain, it is sometimes “easier” to stay asleep. For some in my surroundings, I dare to say, it may be impossible for them to wake up. I see them, wrapped in their concerns, completely victimized by their illnesses, and well, I guess somehow hypnotized into subjugating themselves into a foggy “truth,” so to speak. It’s also interesting how such people can be fully, completely, and miraculously “clear” in other areas. Carl Sagan died of pneumonia after subjecting himself to bone marrow transplants. The subject of urine therapy basically confronts humanity with the needless deaths of many many loving souls. How do you expect anyone to “admit” that? To wake up? Will the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where Carl Sagan died, come out and say “oh, we’re sorry, Carl should have been swigging his wizz, we haven’t a clue what we are doing with people, and once they are in our fold, they die sooner and more painful deaths than if they had just stayed home and sipped their own urine?” Also, we can’t “prove” anything on the UT side of the debate. They claim a 76% success rate here: http://www.fhcrc.org/about/pub...sart1.html It’s quite a dilemma for them, can you see that? If we can get this UT community running as a functioning organism with financing, I will be happy to do my best to coordinate global, scientifically viable experiments with real results. So, those of us on the UT side of things may wish to ask ourselves “was Carl Sagan responsible for his own death, because our experience with UT tells us that he would have survived much longer, had he practiced UT?” or “is the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center responsible, because it does not advocate UT?” Is just healing ourselves the best we can do, and can we just leave liability and responsibility and the “big fight” alone, since people who “wake up” will gravitate to UT as it is?

  3. RB

    can anyone give me any info on UT for hair loss or thinning hair? I am female and have had some bad hairloss..doctors have no clue as to why and I have had every test imaginable. No one in my family had=s ever had this problem on neither side.
    if I am to treat this issue with UT should I drink it or apply it to my head? And how often? etc….if anyone can give me any info on this it would be greatly appreciated! I am new to this and dont know what I am doing. I am told that hair loss is what happens in a domino type affect when the body is ill so in a way it makes sense for me to consume it that way if there is an illness inmy body that is causing the hairloss maybe it would take care of that problem?? help me out please

    1. admin Post author

      @RB: Regarding hairloss, the path is clear: learn. Gather external knowledge (books on UT, other materials on health and hair loss), look within yourself. Begin a practice that feels comfortable for you. Love yourself as you are right now. Love it that you are smart enough to catch this now, instead of just succumbing. UT does give you “gifts,” especially early on, though if you feel desperate, sometimes the gifts aren’t exactly what you expected. 🙂

  4. meenakshi sundaram

    Dear Dainis W. Michel,
    By chance I saw your YOU TUBE video in one of the sites. I very much appreciate what you have done by creating this website. I guarantee you that it will grow in abundance. After referring the dictionary i found the meaning of tinnitus – which you had been affected and that which was instrumental in your creating this website. You should be greatful for Tinntus, otherwise the world would not have known Dainis W. Michel.
    I started AUT (Auto utrine Therapy) 20 years ago. In 1990 I read an article in one of the news papers in Mumbai, India and searched for books on AUT and started. Let me clarify I was very healthy and athletic when I started AUT in 1990. I am now 53 years of age with wonderful health, energy and enthusiasm, married and have 15 year old son. I am very active and energetic and lively than I would have been in my 30 years. The reasons 1. AUT.2. ISHA YOGA – practising for the past 8 years(www.ishafoundation.org) founded by Sadh Guru Jaggi Vasudev – an enlightened Master and Mystic Yogi. 3. Take Nutrilite Protein Poweder (of AMWAY)and other Nutrilite supplements. 4.Positive Mentatl Attitude.

    I drink the early morning urine, apply on by body all over, soak my eyes and drop in my ears, also I take urine thru the nose and spit out thru the mouth (wonderful for migrane, cold, head ache). For the past 20 years I have not taken a single Tablet for medicinal purpose. In the coming days I will keep sharing the wonderful benefits I have experienced using AUT. AUT doesnot have any vested interest – commercial or other wise (unlike all other forms of medicine and therapy). Is n’t it?

    If any one would like to contact me with regards to AUT and how they can start (this is not mentioned in any books) or on ISHA YOGA etc you can give me email id.

    I am working in a co that represents international media in India for advertisement sales. I head the International TV division and handle Eurosport TV, Bloomberg TV, E!Entertainment TV, Channel 4, SABC TV (South African Broadcasting Corporation).
    Thank you very much Dainish for your wonderful efforts.


    1. jude

      Hi im 48 female n been suffering ftom lower back ache for 5 months. Also wrists heel ,big toes, n knee hurt at times! Getting worried now as been feeling sick m unwell on and off for 4 weeks now! Am waiting for blood results from gp nut dont have much faith in med proffession! Do uou think I should try urine therepy? Thanks for listening!

      1. admin Post author

        Jude, I don’t make those kinds of recommendations. I don’t “think” anyone “should” try urine therapy based on an “external recommendation” or thought. Yes, I read a few books and gathered info and it helped to have those books, just as it likely helps you that this website exists. But, what needed to happen was that I needed to sense, in my body, that I was doing something “at least worth trying.” I read that urine won’t kill me and I gave it a shot. The response of my actual body was what caused me to continue practicing — not some extraneous books or knowledge or people or thoughts — it was the physiological response of my body.

      1. admin Post author

        UT is really a process of self-discovery. people come with questions, practice UT, and if they remember to come back and post the answers they found — they do so.

        insomnia can have multiple causes — which causes are relevant for you?

        age ages skin — so can you explain what you are looking for? is self-acceptance an issue?

  5. Cassie

    I just wanted to leave a comment about my experiences with UT. They aren’t as impressive or life changing as many people experience, but it has had a huge impact on my life and my self esteem, and it will have an impact on my health in the future due to all the other ‘treatments’ I’m avoiding!

    I started getting hormonal acne when I was fifteen or sixteen. I’m 24 and still dealing with it — not everyone grows out of teen acne. I tried all the OTC treatments I could afford, not to mention other therapies like acne diets (including completely cutting dairy from my vegetarian diet), huge amounts of ibuprofen a day, herbal remedies, etc, but nothing seemed to help prevent the bumps that started 2 weeks before my period and continued until my period started. It’s awful to have nice skin for two weeks, only to know for certain that it won’t last for the other two weeks of the month.

    So, I broke down and finally went to a dermatologist. Her brilliant advice? Birth Control Pills. I’m not currently in need of birth control for prevention, so I was very hesitant to begin messing with my hormones which she insisted “needed to be controlled.” I did some research and found a lot of unhealthy potential side effects caused by BC — Side effects I wasn’t willing to risk just for the potential to help control a little of my skin issues. Like she said, there was no guarantee BC would help, but it was all she could offer.

    I was discussing my problem with my friend’s mother who said that in her country, women used urine all the time to help treat their skin. She said she doesn’t do it anymore to due medications she’s taking, but she used to wash her face with her urine every morning and nice, not rinsing just leaving it on her skin.

    I wasn’t grossed out, but I was concerned that the ‘acidity’ of urine would aggravate my sensitive skin and make it even dryer than it already is. Under her advice, I tried it about a week ago. Even morning and night, I apply fresh, midstream urine to clean skin and allow it to dry. Because I have some residual dry patches from a previous chemical treatment, I also follow up with a moisturizer mixed with a few drops of organic jojoba oil.

    The results? It’s now a week before my period and my skin is well on it’s way to becoming beautiful. And all of this after only 5 or 6 days of UT! My skin is smoother, I have no big bumps and maybe two teeny, tiny ones that are going away (and even those were there before I started). Yesterday, a women, a STRANGER!, even commented on how pretty my skin is. I should be in the middle of my horrible monthly breakouts, but instead I’m looking at the prettiest face I’ve seen in months.

    I know this all may seem shallow and superficial, there’s nothing spiritual here and I’m not talking about debilitating illness, but I was apply chemicals, acids, and who-knows-what-else to my face, only to look bumpy and dry. What’s more, the potential side effects of all of those treatments include increased sensitivity to the sun and cancer. And people say putting sterile fluid on your face is gross? I’ll take a little pee and beautiful skin over disfiguring and life-threatening skin cancer any day!

    I know this is really long, but I wanted to share my story for anyone considering urine as a topical treatment. I have to say that it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. It’s fast, FREE!, there’s no smell, and it works. My advice to anyone considering this: Give it a try. Honestly, the worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work and you’ve wasted five minutes a day for a couple of weeks. Only do what you are comfortable with, but don’t allow other people’s judgments and misconceptions to color your opinion. If you feel like telling people what wonderful cure you’ve discovered, by all means share it with the world, but remember that you don’t have to tell a soul if you aren’t comfortable.

    Again, I apologize for the absurd length of this, but I wanted to be thorough in case someone was going through the same thing I was. I wish I had pursued alternate therapies when I was fifteen!

  6. meenakshi sundaram

    Dainis W. Michel,
    Waiting for your respnse before I can share further.
    Thank you

  7. Vicki


    I accidentally found a book on Ut while seaching Alternative medicine. I can’t go to a doctor unless I break a bone because they are always looking for somethin wrong that they can fix.
    I think UT is great I use it and Urea crystals (mix with water) and drink, also use them mixed with water on face.

    May son has Hepititus C and took the Interferon for 1 yr. which didn’t work and
    made him very sick, his hair fell out he workded everyday in construction so on top of the interferon he was excerting himself quite a bit as well.

    Now his liver is inflamed and he cant take any interferon again so he is going to try Ut. He is at a place where there is noth ing to do but live with it anyway so he’s up for it. Start off with small amounts and work up to more. Maybe in a few months when he gets his blood checked there will be a difference. We are both excited to see just what will happen.

    I love alternative practices they give hope
    we dont have medical ins. either.


    1. admin Post author

      @Vicki, if you like, you can choose to save his bloodwork, document his progress, and make a bit of a project out of the experience. Best wishes 🙂

  8. arvind

    can anybody pleaSEplease help me out…. i have a root canal done anf after 2 months the pain starts slowly .i have started midstream morning urine and a glass after lunch… can i smoke and drink during this time ?what are the food habits to be followed??the paIN has reduced to some extent but not fully..please advice

    1. admin Post author

      @ arvind: Let the UT guide you. How does it taste after you smoke and drink? How do you feel? How is the pain responding? “Listen” as you drink the UT. “Feel” into your body and immune system…that’s where your answers are.

  9. arvind

    Thank you very much for the immediate response from your side Michel. There is no difference in taste after smoke ,but if i booze and start the UT next morning the pungent smell is too much.is it ok to smoke and drink during the urine therapy because im not able to stop smoking and drinking liquor everyday,but what i felt was the urine therapy is much more effective when there is no smoke or drink.The pain has reduced only 10% right now it has been two days since i started. How many times a day can this be done , im ready to drink urine the whole day to get rid of the pain no issues.Im eager to know more on what routine can be followed pertaining to the food habits, sleeping pattern.Please advice. Awaiting your response.

  10. arvind

    Could you please let me know if i need to check urine for Pus or sugar content and then proceed with the process.Please advice

  11. Louie

    First and foremost, I have to thank you Mr. Michel!

    My Story:

    I recently(3 and a half weeks ago) moved to Korea to teach English. Upon arriving, my diet, though not terribly unhealthy, changed drastically. The diet here is incredibly healthy! Also, in moving, I was showering in water that isn’t exactly suitable for consumption so… I began experience extremely dry skin on my face and scalp. Cause is still to be determined but I was miserable.
    t any rate, as I am in a foreign country, with minimal, though growing, communication skills, traditional western means are out of reach at the moment. Thank God for that!

    I contacted my uncle who is more homeopathic about things and he told me that it sounds crazy, but to use my urine topically on the affected skin. He also said to look it up. Sure enough, I came across some information and it seemed rather legit. I researched further and came across your/Mr. Michel’s youtube video on http://www.shirleys-wellness-c.../urine.htm
    I said, hmmmmmmm. Which is my normal response to apparently outlandish yet well researched information I haven’t heard much of. To make a long story short, I decided to try both the topical and the consumption method of UT. Taste, not bad, due to a healthy diet (my thought). Verdict… (drum roll) instant success!

    I am closing out day two and my scalp and facial skin is nearly 100% healthy! I am also applying it to skin on the backs of my arms and legs that are unhealthy that I’ve had for as long as I remember and it appears to be helping there too! I also read that urine can treat scars as well as a million other things. Crazy!

    It still feels a bit strange, but in my world, the proof is in the results and the results have spoken. I’m sure the strange feeling will pass quickly.

    Thanks again! and to said “Nurse” check your facts and try again please!

    1. admin Post author

      @Louie: The proof is in the pudding, I mean you just can’t argue with health. In a sense, I almost wish it weren’t so, I almost wish man were “smarter” than nature, I almost wish our concoctions would work better than “nature’s,” but sometimes, they just don’t. Now, I was very ill recently, and the application of homeopathic medications helped considerably. The doc even said my life was on the line. So, UT was not enough for me, at least temporarily. Hmm…I did not inject…which I was considering when things got very bad…but the homeopathic remedies certainly supported my healing. So, it’s not like we can just throw everything else away, however, UT does help us put “man-made” help into perspective. Funny though, the homeopathic meds are quite “natural.”

  12. jennifer

    I have hade a bad experence with ut for 3 days at night I would brush my teeth then floss then I would swish my mouth with urine after doing it for three days food would get stuck real bad in my teeth lots of pain and my gums were receding and bleeding and it felt like my teeth were going to fall out .I stopped and fill 100% better has any body hade that experience.please write back thanks

    1. admin Post author

      @jennifer: that kind of reaction just from rinsing your teeth with urine is quite severe. it’s possible that you may be very acidic. how did your urine taste and smell to you? did it smell and taste good? if it smelled and tasted kind of sour, like orange juice but nastier, and unpleasant, then you have a real indication there of the state your body is in. it’s not just UT, it’s “You-Tea.” That means it’s the tea of you. Why is the essence of “you” causing this kind of reaction?

  13. Foppe

    Does drinking urine stengten your bone
    please let me know if there is ant thing knowen to that.
    best regards
    Foppe de Jong

  14. klloyd

    Hello, this is my experience of UT. My son of 4 yr old has had eczema since he was 11/2 and we have tried everything the GP has been giving in the surgery including the hydrocortisone and what all rubbish. And it’s just going worse each time we go to visit these doctors.fed up of trying everything I decided to try UT apply some Urine on him twice a day on his affected parts(well whole body). It did worked wonders. But the only hindrances have been that he keeps crying (surely it must have been stinging him) and my husband keeps discourages it too. But, I kept on applying atleast 2/3 weeks and by the end of it at least in some parts of his body (mainly the back) the eczema has all gone and got it’s shiny/healthy and smooth skin. But, I had to give up b’se my husband has not been with me. But, I do believe in UT, firmly. you are doing a good job!well done. keep going. I hope this web site would be an eye opener for many fools and ignorants who don’t understant what urine in reality is!

  15. Dave Abbey

    Hi Dainis
    GoOd to see a website up and running regarding UT. My name is David Abbey and I have been doing UT for over 5 years and never missed a day and never will. It makes perfect sense to me because it is mine and it is pure.
    Briefly, curiosity got to me after I read about UT in the Dec 2004 Nexus magazine here in Australia. Took me a couple of months to pluck up the courage and research it on the web.
    First day nothing, second day a mild stomach ache, third day the same. But, on the 4th day I leapt at 7 am full of beans and wanting to climb the nearest mountain, ha ha. I have had on cold in 5 years or so and that was in the first 3 weeks of starting Ut.It was here one day and gone the next.
    In short UT has helped me to understand what my body wants as nourishment. I am also a Chef and a coeliac so I have eaten a variety of crap over the years and understand a lot about the rubbish they are putting in our food.
    I am now 53, have a constant weight of about 78 kg, wake up feeling good every day and do not have any major problems health wise.
    I am more than comfortable in talking about UT, it does not bother me or what people think of me; well, thats none of my business. It’s my life and I enjoy the urine therapy.
    If anyone wants to ask me questions, fire away.
    All the best
    Dave Abbey

  16. David

    I’ve just started wearing contact lenses. Can I use my urine to store my contacts in overnight, instead of the solution that my optometrist recommended?
    Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      @David: What a great question! We know that urine is quite good for the eyes, I mean, why is that product named “murine?” 🙂 Funny how a lot of people don’t even “get” that har har! Now, it would be useful for you to examine what happens to the urine overnight…how much ammonia is formed? Is ammonia damaging to your lenses? What kind of lenses are they? If they are glass, then what kind of glass is it? I mean I dunno…what if your contacts start “going yellow” because of leaving them in UT? Even that could be good or bad for ya.

      Cleaning contacts with UT is different from leaving them in UT, you know? What direction is making the most sense to you? Is it that your eyes could benefit from being washed with urine…and how many times per day?

      What kind of healing are you drawn towards?


  17. Rachel

    For the last 13 years, I have been suffering terribly from perineum fissures that are between my vagina and rectum. I have seen regular doctors as well as naturpaths who tend to only treat it topically. When I go pee, it burns that area something awful. In a way, I guess I have been doing UT without knowing? Is there a better way to do it, rather than just letting it drip down there? Sleeping and showering and going to the bathroom tend to be awful experiences. Any advice?

  18. Luciano

    Dear Dainis, I’m from Italy, and I’m happy to be writing here. I should write a book, but I will be brief. 10 years ago I was happy with a beautiful family, a small firm. Than a day the divorce path begun. I decided OK, that’s it, all is finished, i don’t want to do anything anymore. In few months I was broken in the business, my family was split, I had no money left and was sleeping in my car parked in the street. My teeth broken up in few days.
    Eventually I thought I had to support my kids and I forced me to find a job, to repair windows and things like that and was able to rent a room with other people.
    Now I am in better condition, I have a good incoming money source and I abide to my duties as father. But…
    There is a but. I have caused a heavy crash of my body systems, I know it was my initial decision of not to live, even if I never thought to suicide or something like that, but since I took that decision my body started to deteriorate. The roots of my teeth left in the mouth intoxicated gradually all the body, when I could have the money I got all of them out and I looked a way to get rid of all the sickness I was experiencing.
    I had headaches every day, pain in the back, pain in the lungs and my belly was painful at touching. I had a pain in the middle finger of the right hand and I could not to bend it. I had a swollen belly.
    Sleeping was painful, I was waking up ever half or one hour, and trying a position less painful to get asleep.
    I had tingling in the legs and the feet were sensible to anything when walking without shoes.
    I was afraid to get diagnosed for something bad and I didn’t go to the hospital.
    I decided to drink my urine, I was eating already good, fruit and greens . The urine was salted and acid. No problem for me, I am one who usually do thing the hard way, but I wasn’t getting result, Until two day ago, I discharged in the closet something like a black mud, and when I say black I mean really black. After that my headaches disappeared and the other pain lessened and now I can sleep the full night!
    It seem incredible to me, but it’s happening. I am getting better and i have willingness to do thing, before I was not able to see how my house was dirty, you know, the plates in the sink, the floor I don’t tell you..,
    Not all the pains are gone, but it’s a really better life.
    The urine is acid only in the morning, and I drink it many times during the day. I have hope to regain my health!
    I hope to write good news since now and on. Excuse me for my English..

    1. Jonathan

      Luciano, It was good to read your story, I enjoyed it. I look forward to hearig about further improvements to your life as a result of your practicing urine therapy. I think the more people that we have here who are prepared to share their stories the greater the chance that other people will be inspired to make similar helpful changes in their own lives. I am inspired to write my own story and post it here. Let’s see if my good intentions translate into an actual post.

  19. Niecee

    Hi, Dainis! I, too, have been suffering from tinnitus badly! It all started on a humid Florida day back in May of 1994 and the beast has been in me since (I now live in WA state). Some days I just want to end my life when it’s so horribly loud. I FINALLY — after thousands of dollars — have figured it out on my own.
    I’m 99.99 percent positive it’s from inflammation. I cannot clear my ears if I hold my nose and blow. I have A LOT of food sensitivities that I’ve recently discovered. I cannot eat dairy, wheat, gluten and a whole host of other foods. Lately, as never happened before, I have extreme bouts of mucous if I do eat dairy to the point I’m spitting up for an hour, blowing my nose. So I figured out one little piece of cheese even the size of a dime wreaks havoc on my body. So, I’m pretty sure I have a “leaky gut.” I’ve sent in a stool sample (awaiting results) — oh, jeez, I would have nightmares if I saw a worm that size in the bowl — but I do have white fuzz in the toilet from time to time, which may be candida! Any thoughts?
    Anyway, I have ordered the book by Armstrong. Do you think I can rid myself of food sensitivities? OH, and my hair is falling out more than it ever has!!!!!!!!!!
    AND can I still drink my wine at night if I’m doing the therapy?
    So glad you’re better. I feel the pain with the tinnitus.

    1. admin Post author

      Dear Niecee, in general, I keep the “worlds” of healing from tinnitus and urine therapy separate. Basically, it would be inaccurate of me to consider urine therapy “necessary” for healing from tinnitus. It’s not. I practice urine therapy for general strength, immunity, well being, and because it eliminated my allergies, which were severe.

      You describe a host of medical problems, and your self-awareness regarding cheese is admirable, good for you!

      At my curetinnitus website, I describe 5 guidelines that can keep you on track to get better from tinnitus. Some have completely healed, others have learned to cope, some have reduced the tinnitus a bit and live on, results vary — though results appear directly related to the length of time that a person applies the 5 CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines. They are very simple and very powerful.

      You list a bunch of yes/no foods. You describe yourself as very aware of your physiological response to certain foods. If you wanted to, you could try eliminating all of the foods you know aren’t working for you right now and then see what happens if you reintroduce them. But you might not want to reintroduce them if an alternate diet really works for you well. Options could be: raw, frugivore, vegan, vegetarian, etc.

      I guess — why would you eat something if your physiological response is to spit up for an hour?

      Of course, it bears repeating that a requirement for participation here is that you take full responsibility for your own health and actions. If you do not, you are not welcome at this website, because the legal repercussions would simply be too grave.

      Given that you do take full responsibility for your own health and actions — it does sound like your body is powerfully pointing you in a very specific direction.

      You may want to reduce the wine for a while and see how you feel. Or switch brands — or make sure the wine is organic or doesn’t have sulfites, etc.

      It sounds to me like you are at the very beginning of a process of discovery — of listening to your body — and that is excellent.

      I stopped all alcohol consumption for quite a while while on UT. But then I got strong enough to where a good beer simply didn’t do me any harm. And I enjoy good beer — though I may go through a phase completely without alcohol for another period of time.

      Have the courage to address your health on all levels, starting with: spiritual, financial, mental, emotional, and physical. Definitely seek the help of professionals — therapists, doctors, etc. Practicing UT is not an excuse to be irresponsible with your life or health, it is rather, an invitation to listen intimately to the signals coming from your body and awareness, and respond in a way that allows them to guide you towards comfort and well being.

  20. Jonathan

    Hello everyone, this post from me is just by way of keeping some activity going here. I do believe in the site and I think it would be a good thing if at least once a month we were to log in just to give an update of our current standing with Urine therapy. Visitors would see recent activity and it may stimulate them to contribute whereas no activity for months at a time is much less likely to. Nothing stimulates activity like activity.

    So, how has it been for me of late? Well, I find that urine therapy tends to compliment a whole host of other natural therapies that I practice. For example I have found that since ingesting urine on a regular basis the quality of my meditations has improved and it is far easier to keep my mind focused and still.

    This is hardly surprising, yogis have long practiced UT under the names of Shivambu and Amaroli and waxed lyrical about it’s efficacy and benefits in the ancient Damar Tantra text.

    Also there has been a recent acceleration of interest in distilled waters amongst which urine is classed and this has shed light on the practice as well as offering a less off putting alternative into it’s healing qualities. People who could not bring themselves to consume urine have begin instead to drink distilled water.. Having said that, there are those who began with distilled water, then learned about urine and have moved gradually towards it.

    At the present time, my own practice is one of using both together. I drink my urine diluted with an equal measure of distilled water every other day. It’s important to find a way of consumption that suits us and fits into our unique lifestyle.

    Well those are my thoughts for now. If anyone would like to chat to me about anything mentioned here I would be only to happy to oblige. Until then…onward and upwards

    with love


  21. Melita Walker

    Hey all:

    I am new to the group. My (and a host of other people following my story)reasons for looking into UT is re- Cancer diagnosis. I had bone cancer at the age of ten and was put through the entire chemo/ cut up/ amputation scene. 27 years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer with mets ( which means it was seen in numerous other places) For the last 13 months I have gone all in with different therapies. I’m an organic vegan, supplements, ozone, cannabis oil, high dose vitamin C however doing this for 13 months depleted funds. I recently decided to have a biopsy of the mass that came back (oooohhh when i was diagnosed I only agreed to a lumpectomy and some lymph node removal, how the mass in my breast returned a few weeks later) …. My friend whom is also fighting the same thing posted about UT. I looked into it, I have ordered the books, and i found this site. If anyone has any suggestions i’m all ears 🙂 and any information on the fast would be helpful as well 🙂

  22. steve

    HI group, it has been a long road down the path of Urine Therapy, as I spend endless hours editing and filming for the URine therapy film, I have now come to a wall ! and need the help of others to play apart in finishing this project, i have started a fund me page http://www.gofundme.com/tyu9ag... asking for help with donations to get the film out there, Many of you may be following my blogs on youtube too, but after 5 years i have got myself almost to the line but now need your help, even if your posting the link on your sights or telling your mate to spare some change all will help get the word out there.

    in advance want to thank all that have helped and believed in my cause to get the world to see the power of urine



  23. cindy grenvik

    hi,,just wondering if the urine going thru the stomach is really as good as
    enemas and putting it on the skin, seems like the stomach juices would change the urine into a different substance, the skin being another organ?
    I’m enjoying all the posts, have my book ordered and am excited about a new
    lease on life. Ive been sick for a long time. I notice the softness in my
    skin, I put a wash rag with old pee on my face at nite, I use a plastic bag
    to keep it from running on my pillow, then when I wake up I put it on my hair and fall back asleep.

    1. admin Post author

      yes, input via ingestion, enema, topical application, etc., they each seem to have a different kind of efficacy 🙂

      1. cindy grenvik

        What is the best book to purchase on UT,,I don’t want stories and testimonial, I would like a break down of the contents, the research,
        any formal data. I just received the M. Christy book, is this the best book? I want to present this to my family, I’m afraid to
        tell them what I’m doing. Ive been sick for a very long time and I know they will see a difference soon, I’m filling up all the containers
        I have and smiling my brains out, also, started yesterday to consume all of my voids, I want to get well fast, It is too cold here for the baths, and the enemas: will start next week when it warms up. Thanks so much for any information you can provide. Shalom, Cindy

      2. admin Post author

        hmm, not sure how to answer “what is the best book…”

        i had a pile of ’em. gave a couple away. john armstrong’s book is a classic. i like coen van der kroon’s book a lot. maybe that one 🙂

  24. cindy grenvik

    I have been using the UT to heal my sinus, candida condition, In the morning I have been taking all of my first Urine, I read in the M/Christy book about a person that had sinusitis and they took it 3 times a day.
    The past 3 days or so I have had nausea during the night when I’m sleeping I wake up and feel like I could throw up. I have NOT been on a vegetarian diet, but I’m staying away from processed foods and not consuming many carbs, mostly produce and protein. I’ve been doing research to see if I maybe taking too much Urine, I do believe I may have parasites as well, could this nausea be from the die off going on? T Y shalom cindy

    1. admin Post author

      yes, absolutely, you can certainly experience nausea while getting rid of parasites. i find it interesting how so many questions posted here — generally have the answers in them already.

      definitely look at your diet (if you mentioned it here).
      also: do you “want” to throw up? if so, maybe you’d feel better if you “let” it happen…

      but — if it’s a “sick” kind of nausea — then that might be a call for specific medical attention.

      the deal (as i understand it), is: you’ll know. UT helps you more accurately assess what is going on — along with your needs. it will increase not only your intuition about your medical situation — but also your knowledge about your needs. does that make sense?

      do look into whether your diet is serving you the way you would like — and as always, taking responsibility for your own health and actions is a requirement for participating here 🙂

      ps: i’m considering doing another parasite cleanse soon!

      1. cindy grenvik

        Logged in Here in early January, very sick since August 2016 desperate to find a healing process. When a person has no where else to go they are willing to take drastic measures. I have been drinking my morning void. almost all of it, I lay down for about 1 hour after drinking it, I do not drink or eat anything for at least an hour. I have not changed my diet much, still eating meat, produce and protein mostly. I’m feeling much much better, I have energy, able to work in the barn, bathe my dogs, get my car cleaned out rake a
        bunch of leaves that have been on the ground for 3 seasons. The Ut is a great way to get well. I do have a lot of neck pain in the evenings, I think it is from the die off going on in my body, I had candida serious candida when I started the U T…..My energy level and
        the brain clarity is what I find amazing. I’ve read the Martha Christy
        book and enjoyed it. I watched a lot of the Utube testimonials and I’m
        finding my own chapter is being written. Very exciting, just finished
        chapter one in my journey and I intend to write many more, thanks to my creator for my breath. I find I just cannot make my next breath, so I have to give credit where credit is due…smile

      2. admin Post author

        When a person has no where else to go they are willing to take drastic measures.
        …and isn’t it amazing when you find out that UT isn’t drastic at all? and when you start feeling better?

        I have not changed my diet much, still eating meat, produce and protein mostly. I’m feeling much much better,
        …super-happy to hear you’re feeling better. those are pretty impressive results without change in diet.

        I had candida serious candida when I started the U T…..My energy level and
        the brain clarity is what I find amazing.

        …it really is incredible. who’d a thunk it, right?

        I’m finding my own chapter is being written.
        …apparently so. i will look forward to reading more about your progress and insights 🙂

        give credit where credit is due
        …huh, what an interesting situation: who is responsible? whom would we thank?