Mar 2018

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Urine therapy seems downright gross but it definitely works! Here's my two cents worth of input from my four month trial with urine therapy. Urine therapy 'cured' me of chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, dandruff, depression and bad skin. What can it do for you? Some say that drinking ones own urine is THE cure for every disease. I don't doubt it. Here you will read about my personal experiences with all the above chronic ailments and how I cured myself by ingesting my own midstream morning urine. Who'd have thought that all we need for excellent health and wellness, really does come from within our own bodies? What better mode of self-improvement is there?Used Book in Good Condition

Feb 2018

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Urine therapy - the drinking and external application of one's own urine as a healing agent - is an ancient Eastern tradition which is gaining popularity in the west. Devotees, who include the actress Sarah Miles, claim that it is the oldest of natural remedies and swear by it's health-enhancing properties. The venerable former prime minister of India, Morarji Desai - who was 99 and in excellent health when the author met him in 1994 - was open about the fact that he drank a glassful of his own urine every day.
It was while he was in India in 1990 that Coen van der Kroon was first given the opportunity to experience the therapy's healing benefits first hand, following an accident. Afterwards, he embarked on a long journey around the world to research its history, uses and efficacy. The Golden Fountain, the most complete book to date on urine therapy, is the result of those wide-ranging investigations.
The authors tackles his subject with sensitivity and conviction. He provides a comprehensive overview of urine therapy's history throughout the world, together with detailed case histories and a user-friendly guide to its practical application in relation to specific ailments.
Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati, a strong advocate of urine therapy who teaches in London, has written an authoritative foreword to the book while individual accounts from people who have tried it and found it beneficial add a fascinating personal touch.
As an intriguing do-it-yourself home treatment, urine therapy is often the subject of lively debate, but there's one thing that everyone agrees upon. It's absolutely free!