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Urine Therapy Community Private Sacred Space Lock

Welcome  ,

You have full member access to the world’s first and only private online community for people who are interested in urine therapy.

If you are at this page, your username and password and login should all be working properly. If you need help with a support or access issue, just get in touch via the “Contact Us” page.

My solution, as you know, to keep this space sacred and safe, has been to require a self-selected monthly or yearly donation amount starting at $1/month, which is less than 3 cents per day. Your participation is to be functional, reciprocal, and consistently kind and honest.

The following are highly encouraged:

* discussion and study of the scientific method itself
* appropriate use of logic and the naming and avoidance of logical fallacies

and while accidents do sometimes unknowingly happen requiring apology, forgiveness, and agreement to a new and satisfying path, no forms of verbal or emotional abuse are allowed here. We, unfortunately, live in a society rife with projection and blame — newscasters berate interviewees with the most awful forms of abusive language, certain forms of advertising clearly use manipulative and abusive hypnosis and mind control techniques — so, i’m saying “it can happen,” but in our space here, we are not only discussing urine therapy, we are discussing it in a way that gives us healthy strength to serve each other and our communities.



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  1. mike

    Nice welcome note! :O) It’s always encouraging to see a recognition for logical fallacies and how we are predated through the media. The Trivium method of learning actually helps to beat both of these problems – which is why it isn’t taught to us in school.

  2. Alja

    Hello everyone, I am very glad to be a member of this community since I don’t really have anyone to talk about urine therapy, which I started practicing 3 weeks ago and I am already looping. I feel phenomenal and am looking forward to the future:-). Life is great!

    1. admin Post author

      so happy for you Tanja 🙂

      welcome and i almost want to say “sorry” the site requires a donation. things can be fun here, they have been a bit slow, but i accept the “slowness” as the direct result of “only accepting kindness” here 🙂

  3. jeanette stevens

    I too am grateful for this community.. A donation will be well worth the information that will be gained from everyone’s experiences and guidance… And urine is free…

    1. admin Post author

      dear jeanette, i actually feel sorry for asking for the donations. it turns out that a self-determined donation amount makes this website a joy to visit. before donations, we were overrun by spam and scoffing and other very unpleasant comments.

      we aren’t currently the most “active” community, but you can tell that we care about each other, and the responses here are informative, heartfelt, and kind.

      there are FaceBook communities that discuss urine therapy, and i am happy to see them develop and thrive. however, facebook can delete such communities instantly, which is why sites like are important.

      blessings and looking forward to corresponding here…


    1. admin Post author

      great to greet you here 🙂
      my impression is that this group isn’t very “busy,” but we are dedicated, kind, and thorough.

  4. kko699

    Hello Dainis-

    I have a question regarding the storing of older urine- but I am unclear where to post my questions?

    I just started UT therapy and I am currently drinking it all day and using the new urine to massage
    starting with my head, face, ears, throat, neck, and then finishing with my feet-

    I understand the older urine is more potent and I would like to store my urine- but I am unclear how
    to do this-

    Is there a specific location on this web site where I would ask for this information?

    Thank-you for starting this group and keeping it going- (I was concerned that I might have missed everyone!)

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kelli, many of the UT books have instructions on storing UT. you can boil and store, you can just pour into a dark bottle and store in a cool dark place. you can store in the fridge.

      really, it is up to you to experiment and find solutions that work for you.

      the best place to participate is by clicking on the “Activity” link in the main menu.

      does that help?

  5. Kathy Bingham

    Hi everyone! I have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C
    and don’t know how bad my liver is yet. My first appointment
    with my liver doctor isn’t until May 18th. I would love to go
    to that appointment and find out it’s not as bad as I thought.
    Thanks for creating this site!

    1. admin Post author

      hey Kathy 🙂 if there are non-invasive ways to test & track, then that’s a real blessing! when i first started w UT, i did a lot of tests w a live blood analysis expert doctor.

      in one interview, an expert said: sometimes UT alone is not enough. find & apply the right methods for your well being!

  6. robert caskie

    Howdy, ya’ll;
    I started out with UT about 3 years ago, the healing process is an interesting one.
    I’m 60 years old was a bit of a mess of chronic disease(angkolosing spondilitus)and serious injury(2 times broken back). I had all the proper accompaning issues with pain, drug and alcohol self medication.
    It’s been some ups and down. I’ve stopped drinking and haven’t used ibupriphen for about 3 years. I still use cannabis on occasion and have the occasional battle with the bottle.

    Anyway I thought to share my resent revelation regarding the external use of the aged urine.
    I was reading how the Tibetan monks would rub old urine into their skin to help handle the extreme environment the live in, and how the early Everest mountain climbers used the same technique to handle the cold.

    It is much like what John Armstrong talks about.
    Previously I had just poured urine over myself without really rubbing it into my skin.

    This method you take a relatively small amount (4ozs cup) of old pee, and begin rubbing it deeply into the skin, from head to toe. Continue for 15-20 minutes where your body has a metabolic shift. The heart rate increases, the skin warms up and you begin to sweat as if you’re in a steam bath. Continue massaging in the urine for another 10-15 minutes or until you run out of the 4 ozs you started with, then rinse in a shower.
    This method leaves ya all tingly refreshed and very clear in the mind. The skin acquires a feeling of being fresh and new.

    I was trying to figure out what is happenning with the old urine and why it does this?

    My answer; which is highly theoretical is the stem cells present in the urine somehow multiply when the urine is aged and it is partly the action of those stem cells which cause the rejuvenation of the skin and mind.
    It’s a very powerful experience and one that is easily missed by the beginner mid stream morning pee drinker.

    Anyway just thought I’d share some.

    Cheers, Kasinath

    1. admin Post author

      you know, i haven’t really done much with aged urine. what a wonderful experience. sounds like the sensation is truly invigorating 🙂

  7. robert caskie

    Yes, it’s pretty amazing. You feel the urine working right away!
    There is something very powerful about it entering through the skin.
    Lately I’ve tried doing it after my bicycling workout, the effect is even quicker.

    You gotta think the ancient peoples like Romans knew about this, but modern western culture has errased any mention of it.

    Fresh urine works too, but the aged stuff is amazing. The rank smell you initialy experience dissipates very quickly.
    I keep the aged urine in closed glass bottles so the strong odor doesn’t permeated everywhere.
    At first I kept it in open plastic milk containers which turned out to be very stinky!
    It is not a fermentation process which needs air, something else is going on. It would be interesting to know what it is.

  8. cindy grenvik

    Hello, I’m so excited to be on this community board..Wow, I have been very
    sick with candida, it lays in my sinus and I have not been able to get rid
    of it. (I have had it for over 6 months) Over the years I have taken a lot of anti biotics, they kept me from
    dying a few times when The sinus issues dropped into the lungs. I used to
    self medicate with the antibiotics each time I would get the sinus pull, now, the antibiotics do not work any more. The last time I took a series of prednisone it did nothing. The sinus issue has put me in the last ditch
    effort for healing. when I typed in the seriousness of my condition the UT
    came up on some Utube testimonials. What to loose right? so I just jumped right in, took drops under the tongue, one time, went to juice in morning pee and now just drink it like medication, I have been doing this for 10 days and I don’t see much difference, I did watch the utube on the UT pulling last nite and tried it this morning, I did see some puss come down
    out of the sinus, but not much. I have been on turpentine therapy for the candida, and also use Turmeric, this seems to keep it at bay, I have no energy and my appetite has been real keen. Want to nibble all the time. I have lots of questions, so I intend to read all I can on this site. The one
    dollar price is perfect, I’m a poor soul, and I need all the good deals I can find. I’m in hopes that this will help me, I think healing is a slow process and our Creator led me here,,,Blessings to all that read this post.

    1. admin Post author

      look up info on diet modification that eliminates candida infection 🙂

      early on, watch for a kind of “gift” from the UT. sometimes it’s not the direct result you are looking for…but you know it came from the UT and it feels good!

      keep praying meditating reading hydrating learning and enjoying!

  9. Erik Venderby

    Dainis W. Michel.

    I’m very happy that you have started a urine therapy community, today I became a member.

    Urine therapy is my happiness, I drink my urine as often as I can, every morning, during the day, before going to bed, during the night 03.00 – 04.00 I hope.

    I wash in my own urine every day, take one shower warm and cool every day, sometimes, two shower’s per day, I do not use any kind of soap, I have a Waterwise because I only drink distilled water.

    Urine therapy came to my knowledge while living in India, I do have books about urine therapy.

    My melanoma started seven year’s ago, with small sores which became big, I did not believe it would be anything of important’s, But here in Jan. 2017: Stage IV melanoma: metastatic cancer: metastasis.

    Since Jan. 2017 I’m following my own program with urine therapy for the very first time to be able to have a chance be cured 100 %.

    I’m trying to gurgle my urine for 30 seconds, then it will be a swallow.

    I’m also trying to keep the urine in my mouth for 30 min, 3 times each day, then it will be a swallow.

    Sodium Bicarbonate ( baking soda ) :

    !/2 an hour after my urine therapy I also take a 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda ) with one organic lemon ( juice ) in warm water which I also gurgle1/2.

    30 days only organic apricots and apricots kernels, urine therapy, distilled water.

    I am 100% vegan.

    A medical doctor in Japan, who is 90 years of age has been on the happiness of urine therapy for 70 years, believe propolis drops will be good together with our urine, the medical doctor is on: YOUTUBE.

    Shortly I will be doing 60 organic apricot kernels each day, six every hour for ten hours, drink distilled water, my own urine, for 33 days.

    220 pounds was my weight in Jan. 2017, today my weight is 178 pounds, I want to be 165 pounds, I’m height 6.ft

    Breating: Yoga Pranayama

    Today 27 – 06 – 2017, the melanoma skin sores that did not want to heal for seven years:

    One : 1 31/32 inch x 1 3/16 inch: is a change in size from 100 % to 1 %

    Two: 1 37/64 inch x 1 3/16 inch: is a change in size from 100 % to 5 %

    Third: 3 5/32 inch x 2 3/4 inch: is a change in size from 100 % to 5 %

    From the very start I did not write down a scientific research protocol, but I have decided to start to do that now, everything that is happening to my body and soul an d mind, sleep and so on.

    Vincit Omnia Veritas.

    Erik Venderby

    1. admin Post author

      Wow! I too am moving to distilled water only. Can you explain about the sizes of the skin sores again? Regarding your protocol, feel free to share here 🙂

  10. goldi waters

    Greetings: I’m so glad to hear from the administrator. I signed up for this group a few years ago. It seemed to disappear for awhile, but now it’s back. Or maybe it was always “back” but I lost touch. In any event, thank you for keeping it going.

    Today I heard from an old friend who emailed and wrote about the terrible pain she’s been going through with arthritis in her hands. Her left hand is so swollen and painful that she can no longer use it. I wrote back and sympathized, telling her that I, too, had arthritis in my hands. I felt frustrated because I wanted to tell her about UT, but don’t know how she’d take it. I’ve been doing UT for about 5 years now and remember not being able to shake hands with people, the pain was so bad. I forget all the “issues” I’ve had that UT has cured or helped. I can’t tell my doctor (who’d very much into standard US protocols). I know he’d put it in my chart and anyone reading it would think “nut!” You know how it is. People are very closed-minded on the subject. I’m glad I wasn’t because UT has been a true blessing. And BTW, if anyone knows of a UT conference in the US, I’d love to know about it. The possibility is very unlikely, but I’m always looking.

    1. admin Post author

      there is a conference coming up in Las Vegas. i don’t know all the details yet.

      it is definitely challenging to watch other people suffer. especially friends and family members — but of course: society at large. when i started UT, i found a medical doctor willing to track my progress via live blood analysis. it helped me settle as well.

      i tell people i “used to” have allergies. and it’s true. if they ask “how,” i tell them about UT.

      apparently, we live in a barbaric age in which most people are drowning in misconceptions. does scrolling through offer you some comfort?

      being thought of as crazy is really hard. how do you cope with it?

      also, with UT, i guess i don’t really live the healthiest lifestyle anymore. sure, i’m vegan, but that does not mean i eat only healthy foods. do i take those next steps to really become super vibrant and healthy? then what will people say? likely i’d be criticized and ostracized even more 🙁

      so, they say UT is for the courageous. and yes, it is. how can it be that millions — can feel so isolated and alone and marginalized?

      also: how is it even possible that the majority of people don’t gravitate towards the most healing, least expensive, easiest solution? your friend is experiencing severe pain. it’s hard to “not say anything. but if you say something, then you’re a nut. if you don’t say anything, then you don’t fulfill your obligation to society or your friend.

      still, one of the “catch phrases” i’ve used here is “truth has a resonance we can feel.” and it really does.

      i’ve sent books on UT to friends who are suffering. i consider it a moral obligation. then, it’s in their hands, figuratively and literally.

  11. goldi waters

    Thanks very much for the prompt response. I’ll look into the conference, although I live in New England. It would be great to attend a conference and hear from the UT community at large.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful answer. GW