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At 6th National Conference on alternative medicines and Urine Therapy at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India on 19 & 20th April 2014


Urine Therapy can control / cure all Chronic Diseases Log on to:


Urine therapy is very beneficial for health I started this practice at age 14 and I have done it

some people say there is a secret hidden deep in the book of john. proverb 5:15 :Drink water

Source: Nature has provided us

There R hidden truths in fairy tales. - The water of life is our own Urine, it's the "lost First Choice or Last Resort ANANDKUNJ HOLISTIC HEALTH HOME SHIVAMBU NATUROPATHY ...


I'm sharing my urine therapy journey with everyone because I think it just might work. Urine is free

Sick of Depression and other sickness,here is the answer and its Totally free! By Michael J Quinlan 🙂 Private

This is such a wonderful interview that I had a few days ago with John DePass. I am so

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Mother Teresa shares her story for curing her colitis and gastro problems by drinking urine and her therapy.


This is episode 8 of "WEEDU SPEAKS" and Weedu explains how "THE POWER OF URINE THERAPY" helped him survive

Urine Therapy Interview with Mónica Schütt AKA Changa Charanga It was such a pleasure to interview this beautiful soul

Sage Roth, aka Brother Sage joins us to talk about urine therapy! That is drinking your own pee for

Narrated by I.P. Freely. Martha Christy has by far been the biggest driving force in the incredibly difficult

A basic introduction; beginning with a brief fasting period and building up the amount of Urine used daily, internally

A Powerful Ancient Healing Secret: Watch this Urine Therapy Success Story Check some urine therapy shirts here https://www

2017.11.16 • 5pm • Coffee Urine Enema • held 50 minutes • resulted in 1 rope worm

WAAO TV WE ARE ALL ONE ♡ URINE THERAPY ♡ Ancient Natural Technology ♡ The Portal To Enlightenment ...


I made two videos today about my experiences during this third day on a Urine Fast... I just have

Todays blog about Male urine and female cross drinking , what is said about this process and why.


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