Sep 2018

Here are 3 rituals I grew up with. Usually natural home remedies involving urine call for using your own

Documenting my journey on a body, cell, organ cleanse by chronicling my daily energy level activities and emotions.


I drink my urine from Nose.


In this video I share my most recent experience using urine therapy to heal a ferocious wound rapidly! Why



Title says its all. Feel free to comment, share your experience and research.


So I gave you guys an update yesterday but Omg I'm even more toned today!!!! I've only

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Before the urine therapy this 5-year old maltese dog has asthma symptoms like heavy breathing that last for

And transform your health. Learn about UT in Healing Water from Within


This is episode 122 of "WEEDU SPEAKS" THE SERIES. In this chapter Weedu discusses his lifetime of being an

This is episode 11 of "WEEDU SPEAKS". In this episode I will demonstrate the beginning of my urine therapy

more of Ruby's leg day 3.


Hey welcome to my channel! This is my results after drinking my own urine for just one day and

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A study of Astral Travel & Higher states of spiritual consciousness , research Lord Shiva & Ancient Egyptian Royalty Practices. Thankyou for

In this video I talk about benefits of practicing urine therapy, how to use urine therapy and.


This is episode 88 of "WEEDU SPEAKS" THE SERIES. In this chapter Weedu discusses his recent realization of his